the goalkeeper asked for a ticket and finished training in the national team

The Brazilian national team toured Asia earlier this month and beat South Korea (5-1) and Japan (1-0) in a friendly to prepare for the World Cup. Far from the ad of Neymar and Vini Jr., a player who didn’t even make a call experienced one of the weirdest stories of the tour.

Former Corinthians and Figueirens goalkeeper Matheus Vidotto is in his third season in the service of Tokyo Verdy, a Japanese football senior. A friend of the national team players and Tite, who was already in charge, asked for tickets to see Japan x Brazil on the 6th of this month, and he won much more than that: he coached for two days with Alisson and Weverton in the national team.

I also spoke to Titus ‘son Matheus:’ Look, the card I wanted was not so close. But this is great (laughs). ‘

Tokyo Verdy goalkeeper defended Philippe Coutinho’s presentation in national team training

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Ederson, one of Titer’s original teams, was called up to train with the Matheus Vidotto national team because he injured his thigh during a previous friendly training session. The Manchester City goalkeeper did not even train, which would have problems for Brazil to prepare for Japan. That’s where the idea to complete the job with the only Brazilian football goalkeeper in Japan came from, as Tite knew him even better. It was a two-day event, with clubs released.

“I found out that the team was coming to Japan and I asked for a ticket. Shortly afterwards my bank manager sent me a message saying that the guy at the embassy wanted to talk to me.” (laughs) I also told my translator, he said it was weird, but then he sent me a message asking if I saw that Ederson was hurt. The boys will be here, it’s too far to call someone else … Then I already called. they asked me. they would ask the club. I said, “No, you don’t have to ask, no. You will communicate, even if I have to fight with the staff, I will go.” That was it, absolutely. Unexpectedly, because of an unforeseen circumstance, Ederson was injured, but it happened and he was a great professional for me. ”

Praise of Taffarel

Matheus Vidotto trained for two days with Alisson and Weverton, who played against Japan. He was unlisted for the friendly and later began his training routine at Verdy Tokyo. What the 29-year-old player did not expect is that Taffarel, the coach of the national team goalkeepers, would leave a public comment on his Instagram profile.

Vidotto - Outreach - Outreach

Matheus Vidotto is in his third (and final) season in the service of Tokyo Verdy

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It helped us a lot. You have a lot of characteristics, keep working and you will have good opportunities with confidence. ”

According to the former Corinthians goalkeeper, the message is fueled at a difficult time in his career. “When you live with guys at this level, from the elite of world football, you try to learn and stay at their level without being down to participate in the work. I didn’t feel at the level of Alisson and Weverton, guys. “I’m in my career and I want to go back. He didn’t have to leave that message, but yes, that’s very nice.”

The 2022 season is a panic for the Brazilian goalkeeper, who has started the previous two years and this time has not even played yet. The sequence was hampered by a spinal cord injury and he had knee tendinitis. The opportunity to train with the national team came a few days before the first game on the annual list. Motivation returned.

Vidotto - Outreach - Outreach

Dream is to play in Europe in 2023

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“When injuries do occur, you start to question yourself a little bit, if it’s worth continuing. [treinos na seleção] and I feel like I’m 15 years old, dying to train, play, get hurt, and come back. I’m at 200%. It came at the right time, it was amazing. ”

has already made the selection

Formed in the core categories of the Corinthians, Matheus Vidotto, who was already considered a great promise of a position in national football, was the champion of the São Paulo Junior Cup and was also called up to the Under-20s in South America in 2013.

In the same year, to his surprise, he appeared on Felipão’s list for a friendly for the main team against Bolivia. At the time, it was only called for those who worked in Brazil, and the proceeds were donated to the family of Kevin Espada, who died in the San Jose x Corinthians clash, for the Copa Libertadores, a month earlier.

“No one understands why they called me, but it made sense at the time. They called up four players under the age of 20 who thought they would be part of the 2016 Olympic cycle. I was Leandro, who plays for FC here. A defender from Tokyo, Doria, Mexico , and Douglas Santos. It was unbelievable. It was an unbelievable experience, because it was completely unexpected.

Matheus Vidotto - Daniel Augusto Jr / Corinthians Agency - Daniel Augusto Jr / Corinthians Agency

The goalkeeper was between 11 and 24 years old at Corinthians, between the base and professional teams.

Image: Daniel Augusto Jr / Corinthians Agency

The call did not change Matheus Vidotto’s status within the Corinthians. As a professional, he played only four games until the end of his contract in 2019. He then played for Figueirens before signing with the Japanese club. The contract with Tokyo Verdy will run until December and new plans have already been set.

“I like Japan, my life is very good here, but I always wanted to play in Europe. I have an Italian passport, it almost happened in 2018. [negociação frustrada com o Bari, da Itália]. The dream was a bit on the sidelines, but with these national team training sessions a few doors will probably open and I am open. I’m back (laughs) “.

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