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New scenarios, business models and value propositions in Web 3.0

From time to time, new technologies appear to challenge what we are doing and to show that we are experiencing a milestone in the times before and after this technology. With the discovery of fire, the development of writing, the industrial revolution, the Internet, and now Web 3.0, I believe we are experiencing the emergence of one more of these technologies.

But what is Web 3.0? It is known as the “Semantic Web” and, although it may seem like a complex definition, it is just an evolution of the current version of the web, Web 2.0, which is considered an “interactive web” in that content. production was decentralized.For a scenario that controls not only content, but also control of the web itself, its actions, behaviors, and management. This leads to an increase in the empowerment of web users who become web users and web builders.

The tools that marked the beginning of the transition to Web 3.0 include blockchain solutions, cryptographic assets, NFTs, and to some extent the emergence of metaverse. But what does this have to do with today’s businesses and, more importantly, should they be seen as a threat or an opportunity?

My opinion – and unfortunately it is impossible to have more opinions about what will happen in the future at this stage, as there is no certainty about anything – just as the Internet has become a tool for expansion, transformation and business evolution. They will also be the tools behind the Web 3.0 revolution. It will allow companies to analyze scenarios, business models and value propositions that are not available with current tools and technologies, which is why it is more important to focus on the concepts of these tools than on the tools themselves.

This distinction is important because it means that the metaverse we see today should not be the latest version, nor should it end with the physical world, but rather the concept of the expansion of the physical universe into a digital universe where additional possibilities are explored and rendered. they have come to stay.

Similarly, the concept of “distributed brochure” is a way to assign a single identity to a digital asset (such as bitcoin and NFT), which was once a copyable and replicable asset). ), to stay and have potential applications very close to our real world.

Let’s get to some provocations. Imagine a scenario where global mobility was not limited by documents, identity, and currency controls, and we had a single control that could be an NFT of our identity, a single currency represented by a cryptographic asset, and global control of registered properties and assets. “Global digital record”. It may seem like a science fiction scenario, but technology is coming and the barriers to adoption will be much more cultural than technological.

Imagine that during the ESG era a company decentralizes its product as well as its strategic decisions to the people who make up a DAO enabled by the NFT and where those people finance their right to vote on the business ESG agenda in the same way. this agenda is purchased by NFTs. Once again, it is a stage for decentralizing power and authority to the extreme, the main feature and concept behind Web 3.0.

And in sports? At the time of the privatization of Brazilian football teams, why not imagine that this scenario could be extended to all fans through NFTs so that they have access to exclusive experiences with their teams and players and participate in your team’s management decisions. complete?

In fact, not only the production and consumption of content, but also the decentralization of environmental management and the way it operates will create many opportunities. And I think the biggest ones are on the verge of connecting this new, fully digital world with our current world.

For the next ten years we will experience interesting times and we have only one truth: the next ten years will not be like the last ten, and those who take advantage of that moment will be able to study, experiment, practice and develop their skills. these new concepts and tools will have an this new era. And are you ready?

Julian Tonioli is an engineer, a partner at Auddas.

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