The flu plays 80 minutes with another, but remains tied with América-MG

After losing 2-0 at home to Atlético-GO on Saturday (11) with a time of 70 minutes, Fluminens had a chance to take revenge against América-MG tonight (15). However, even after playing another game from the 10th minute, Laranjeiras had only a goalless draw in the 12th matchday of the Brasileirão, at Arena Independência.

Alê, Nino’s elbow, was sent off after examining the VAR monitor for 10 minutes in the first half. This caused the Rio team to surround the Coelho area, but without creating much of a clear chance to open the scoring. The miners knew how to close and from time to time they managed to make threats on the counterattacks.

With the tie in the lead, both clubs remain with the same score: 15 points. Trikolore is in 10th place for the best balance (-1 to -2), while the Mining team is in 12th place, also behind Coritiba, with more goals (16 and 11).

Who did well: Pedrinho and Carlos Alberto

The two strikers took great risks in the second half. Using speed, Coelho kept the game alive despite Fluminense’s numerical dominance.

Who did it wrong: Wellington

The match didn’t start well and Alê’s elimination was out of order, as Coelho had a counter-attack and didn’t need a mark in the middle of the pitch. With the crowd in the middle of the first half, he left the pitch during the break for Nonato to enter.

Fluminense’s performance: a lot of balls, few shots

With 10 more, Tricolor had 77% of the ball in the first half. However, he fired a lot and didn’t get a shot at Jailson’s goal. “We have the ball, but we have no movement. It’s difficult for us, and it’s easy for those who are doing it,” Ganso said in his opening remarks.

After the break the team grew in production, but did not put pressure on the opponent.

América-MG screening: opening at the end

The home side started to press, but they had to change their strategy with the elimination of Alê. Even without a change, the team managed to close very well in defense and started to bet on the speed of Everaldo and Felipe Azevedo in order to get out of the counterattacks in the first phase.

In the final stage, they both went to Pedrinho and Carlos Alberto, giving them even more speed and at least created a great opportunity to rock the net.

The VAR changes the game scenario

Alê came out with open arms in a ball conflict with Nino in the 8th minute of the opening phase in the middle of the pitch. On the pitch, Daronco did not give a ticket to the Minas Gerais midfielder, but after asking for a review on the monitor – which took about two minutes – Alê understood that he had hit the tricolor defender in the face and was therefore sent off.

With one less, the Rabbit stopped proposing the game, as he was doing, and shut himself up. The rebound went very well in the first half, where Fluk couldn’t create anything and the home team still managed to adapt to the counterattacks.

Everaldo is “looking” for a penalty

Just two minutes before the end of the match, the striker threw himself into the area to try to punch a penalty in a clash with Ganso. Daronco ordered them to follow.

Still in the first stage, at 34 ‘, he threw himself – and shot much later – in a counterattack on the rebound by Aloísio. Even on the ground and outside the four lines, the referee showed him a card for simulating a foul inside the area.

the second most exciting time

Carlos Alberto’s entry into the Americas, and Nonato and Jhon Kennedy’s The Flu, made both teams more dangerous. The 20-year-old showed great agility and, after beating Manoel in the race, he met Fábio in the 2nd minute, but he fell badly.

In the visitors, the team managed to move more to create spaces and articulate the plays. Unlike in the first half, midfielders also became an alternative for the team.

the goose is angry

John Kennedy picked it up from Nonator and Jailson let go of the goal in the 20th minute of the final phase to make the palm and make a great stop. A minute later, the assailant tried his hand at cycling and the Tricolor midfielder did not like the opportunity at all, starting a lively discussion. Manoel arrived and helped calm the situation.

The bar prevents Pedrinho’s goal

The Coelho striker, who returned to play after a tonsillitis, entered the field awake and charged free from the left until he entered the area and hit the post, hitting the post on the 31st.

Experience in goals

Fábio, 41, and Jailson, 40, competed among the oldest Serie A goalkeepers. They both started the year with Cruzeiro, in Serie B, in the low 90 minutes.

next games

Both clubs will return to the field on Sunday (19) for the 13th round of the tournament. At 18:00, Coelho visits the Fortress in the Arena Castelão. An hour later, at 19:00, Tricolor welcomes him to the Avaí Maracanã.


Serie A of the Brazilian Championship – Day 12
Date: Wednesday, June 15, 2022
Hour: 9:30 pm (from Brazil)
Place: Arena Independência, Belo Horizonten (MG)
Referee: Anderson Daronco (RS)
assistants: Rafael da Silva Alves (RS) and Michael Stanislau (RS)
VAR: Daniel Nobre Bins (RS)
Yellow cards: Everaldo, Carlos Alberto, Marlon (AME); Nonato (flu)
Red card: Ale (AME).

AMERICA-MG: Prison; Raúl Cáceres (Patric), Éder, Conti and Marlon (Danilo Avelar); Lucas Kal, Juninho and Alê; Felipe Azevedo, Everaldo (Carlos Alberto) and Aloísio (Pedrinho). Technician: Vagner Mancini.

FLUMINENSE: Fabio; Samuel Xavier, Nino (Nathan), Manoel and Caio Paulista; Wellington (Nonato), Yago Felipe (John Kennedy) and Ganso; Luiz Henrique, Matheus Martins (Alexandre Jesus) and Cano. Technician: Fernando Diniz.

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