The first bariatric surgery performed by SUS Hospital in Azambuja should be performed in the second half

The first bariatric surgery of the Integrated Health System (SUS) of Azambuja Hospital is to be performed between July and August this year.

SUS’s approval for this type of hospital procedure came at the end of last year, and the team has been working to prepare the patient ever since.

Gilberto Bastiani, head of hospital administration, explained that in bariatric surgery, the process from hospitalization to patient preparation is more complex.

“A multidisciplinary team of psychologists, nutritionists, nutritionists, a clinical medical team is involved to help the patient until he or she is ready for the procedure. There are several steps. It takes six to eight months. ”

According to the manager, when Azambuja Hospital was accredited by SUS for surgery, a new waiting list was created for this type of procedure that includes patients from Brusque and the region: Guabiruba, Botuverá, Nova Trento, São João Batista, Canelinha, Gercino Principal and Tijucas. There are currently more than 300 people waiting in line for the procedure.

The head of hospital operations, Sheila Citadini Pamplona, ​​explained that each municipality has a request for its specialty and, as the doctor verifies the need for surgery, the patient enters the queue and begins to follow up with hospital staff.

Other specialties

Accreditation of Azambuja Hospital Accreditation by SUS for bariatric surgery began in 2017 and ended only at the end of last year. The hospital unit is also seeking accreditation for other specialties such as oncological and orthopedic surgeries and traumatology.

However, this is not a simple process and is not limited to the hospital or the Brusque Department of Health.

“Every specialty is a kind of difficulty. We spent almost five years trying bariatric surgery and it happened because of the need of the state. We are trying to get accreditation for all the specialties we already do through private and health insurance, but it is not easy ”.

According to the administrative manager, the state has a unique value for these procedures and the hospital of Brusque to be accredited by SUS must take resources from other municipalities that are already enabled, hence the difficulty.

In the case of bariatric surgery, Bastiani explained that the Ministry of Health had created a new resource for this type of procedure, so it was possible to include Azambuja Hospital in the list of hospitals that operate through SUS.

“For cancer surgery, we would be an arm of the Santo Antônio Hospital in Blumenau. The operations would come from their financial block, so it’s more complex. The same thing happened with orthopedics, the reference hospital is Marieta, Itajain ”.

Despite the difficulties, the hospital applied for accreditation. In the case of orthopedics, the state has already performed the first inspection. Some adjustments were requested and, once completed, the process goes to the Ministry of Health. “We will wait until we have a budget so that the accreditation can be released.”

According to Bastiani, in the case of elective orthopedic surgery, the patient needs six to nine years from the first consultation for the SUS to perform the procedure.

The head of operations stated that the hospital already operates in all areas of orthopedics through private and private agreements, and therefore can also perform surgeries through SUS.

“We have all the professionals, we are more than prepared, with state-of-the-art equipment. Waiting for permission to start ”.


The state of hemodynamics, which opened in October last year, is similar. Currently, the equipment that performs minimally invasive tests is operated by private and health insurance.

The hospital has a contract with the state government, which allows SUS to conduct 10 emergency examinations per month, but, according to Bastiani, the demand is much higher.

“Despite this contract, we have not been able to fill the queue of elective patients who are not so serious and are waiting. In these cases, the patient is referred to Santa Isabel Hospital in Blumenau, which is the reference point. We are also looking for accreditation. ”

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