The fashion market gives way to NFTs and already combines offerings that mix virtual reality and the physical world

BANNER Cauã Raymond is a poster for real clothing and NFT (Credit: Advertising / Aramis).

Buying a virtual dress-only trousers on social media – or in the future metabersion – seems like a long way off, it’s very well paved halfway. Because this is all the rage NFT it is not limited to virtual environments. “phygital”, a modality that mixes the terms “physical” in English with non-digital and non-fungible tokens, becomes a certainty of exclusive value with added value beyond cryptocurrency. Advantage club, virtual trial, exclusive discounts and cashback, when you receive a portion of the amount spent, are some of the advantages associated with this new way of consuming.

Pantys, a Brazilian panty liner company, was the first to sell NFTs in the country. To address the monthly poverty, the brand released several images from the collection on the Open Sea platform, the largest in the world for buying and selling non-fungal tokens. It works like a bank’s investment portfolio, but instead of the shares of a company, for example, it is possible to acquire all kinds of NFTs. It can be an image, a song, a virtual book, or whatever: all of these objects have a unique sequence, a blockchain password, a cryptocurrency value, and a stamp of authenticity. When you buy an NFT from Pantys — one of the images on sale shows a panty with a motivational phrase on the back — the buyer invests in a cause that is essential to the reality of Brazil and expands his digital art collection with a sense, but not a junk. Photo ..

Pampili, a Brazilian children’s fashion brand, created a digital sneaker at NFT with the intention of selling it at auction to raise money for a child protection NGO. In addition to the digital version, the winner of the auction took home a real couple. The idea of ​​using non-fungal tokens was born to try to convince cryptocurrency enthusiasts to join the cause. And you don’t have to understand Bitcoin or Etherium to participate in this universe. These NFTs can be purchased in real or in dollars.

Aramis has already ventured into clothing brands and decided to launch an NFT that promises a physical jacket with IoT elements (Internet of Things). Although the product was only received in May, the selected buyers become part of a club that offers a total of 30 pieces, various discounts, cashbacks and a brand club that offers the opportunity to personally associate with the brand trendhunter and boy advertising. , Actress Raymond. “When I saw the product on social media, I wanted to buy it right away,” says businessman Marcos Fenirich, 51. In addition to being the first NFT, it is the first outfit with external battery and heating technology. Fenirich is not worried, at first, about just buying the product idea. “It’s like childhood when you ask for something for Christmas. You know you’re going to win, but it takes time to get there, ”he says.

The presence of luxury brands in Metaberse began timidly, highlighting brands such as Louis Vuitton, launching a collection for “League of Legends”, but today there is already “Metaverse Fashion Week”, which in its first edition, in March, in fact. It brought together international brands such as Puma and Dolce & Gabbana. The aim of the event is to get the “skins”, skins, clothes and prints that adorn the avatars and decorate the virtual house. Gucci released a $ 9 sneaker before the pandemic, similar to an Instagram filter, which could be worn through augmented reality. The Italian house now has its own online store, Vult. The Brazilian O Boticário opened its own online store as part of the “Avakin Life” game as part of a Carnival marketing event. There, the characters in the game had the opportunity to change their “skin” by offering an offer for hair and makeup.

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