The Corinthians were not as quick to lose Luan, as he was to remove Jô. Even though he’s ten times worth more than his peak, he doesn’t want to leave – Prism

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Luan was not afraid.

If no proposal interests him, he will fulfill his contract until 2023.

And stay with the Corinthians, even if it’s just for training.

This is your decision.

Announced by its manager, Paulo Pitombeira.

The player fully understood the message sent by the football director, and former president, Roberto de Andrade, when the Corinthians version was given at the end of Jô.

“(Luan) was voted the best athlete in America, we know his potential, but we also don’t know what’s going on… It’s a dangerous situation. The Corinthians have a contract with athletes, it’s not easy to end. ”

Roberto de Andrade’s words were harsh. And they left in the air the strange feeling that the attacking midfielder, reserve in the reserves, is claiming pain from not playing, a few times he was called up, since 2021.

In 2022, the situation will not be sustainable.

He only played three games. All in the Paulista Championship. Did not enter the field in the Copa do Brasil. Like Brazilian or Libertadores.

13 games not even listed on the bench.

There was a quiet and fierce battle between John and the Corinthians.

The attacking midfielder has been unable to establish himself at the club. It just doesn’t show intensity, vibration. Owner of a frighteningly slow and unproductive training. That’s why he wasn’t hired by technicians.

Situation that upset him.

But he knows he has a guarantee until December 2023, with R $ 700 thousand per month. The Corinthians were already trying to stop the player. But he didn’t want to. He knew he wouldn’t make much money at any club after these tiring two years.

Luan demanded that his contract be fulfilled to the end.

And there was no room for the Corinthians to expel him for just cause. Complete all training. Don’t forget. And avoid ballads.

On the other hand, the technicians didn’t even leave him at the bank.

The situation is embarrassing.

The teammates are very close to Luan, who has proven to be everyone’s friend.

Doctors and physiologists have already performed all possible tests and found no fault in the player. He again attended psychologists and did not react either.

Since the end of last year, the Corinthians have been offering their debt free. Sport Recife is the only club that has admitted to wanting the player. But he refused to pay a salary of R $ 700,000. The player said he could not reduce his income. And the deal was not made.

The Corinthians paid BRL 28.9 million to Grêmio for half of the player’s rights, in January 2019. Since January 2020, it has raised BRL 700,000 per month. With the right to the 13th salary. Now in June, R $ 22 million will be completed, just four hundred thousand salaries.

The worst thing is that, at 29, with this ‘performance’, his decline in value is alarming.

The transfermarkt website, which specializes in transactions, points out. Luan is already worth, in 2017, 20 million euros, about R $ 104 million.

The current amount is 2 million euros, about R $ 10 million.

That is, ten times the value of Luan.

In two and a half years, he took the field 78 times for the Corinthians. He scored nine goals and provided five assists. In 2020, five goals and three assists. In 2021, four goals and two assists. And by 2020, there isn’t even a single purpose and much less help.

Very low numbers.

The case is complicated.

Also because Paulo Pitombeira is Róger Guedes ’manager. And John Peter. And he has a very good relationship with managers.

That is why so far there has been no legal war for an end.

Luan confirmed again.

Don’t go to any club.

He will only leave the Corinthians before December 2023 if he receives R $ 700 thousand per month.

If on loan, that his salary is guaranteed by the Parque São Jorge club.

Like Jô’s return, Luan’s takeover is a bet by former president Andrés Sanchez.

And the damage than the Corinthians …

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