The Corinthians were angry at Casagrande’s statement

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Playing at home, the Corinthians defeated their fans by drawing 1-1 with América-MG, for the 8th round of the Brasileirão Série A. Timão’s goal was scored by Gustavo, while Aloísio scored for Coelho. With the tie, the Corinthians lost the Brasileirão lead to their opponents Palmeiras, who defeated Santos 1-0.

The Corinthians ’equalizer was scored in the 38th minute of the second period, and it was clear from the Premiere broadcast that the fans present at the Neo Quimica Arena were excited and“ raised their voices ”at the stadium. From there came Casagrande’s statement that angered many Corinthians:

“The goal is to please the Corinthian fans who have hitherto been quiet, asleep.”

Via twitter, many fans criticized Casagrande’s statement, with saying they could no longer accept the former striker commenting on club games:

Hi, Globo, Premiere Channel
. The Corinthians want to have Casagrande in our team’s games. The world gets better when he just comments on open TV games.
Not at all that Corinthian respectfully hated Casagrande. There are things that are best said quietly.
Hello, Globe, Premiere,
. The Corinthians want to have Casagrande in our team’s games. The world gets better when he just comments on open TV games.
I have to call the premiere or Corinthians to complain that I can’t do it anymore, I saw Casagrande’s comments on Corinthians’ games, he had no opponents, I thought he was bad service, serious .. Or I turned on my cable TV and complained
The more I go to the stadium, the less I want to watch TV games. Casagrande’s comments today are damaging. Silence is a poet!
Premiere by channel
take Casagrande out of the Corinthians games for God! Paying to play listening to shit is not possible
I don’t know what’s worse with brasileirão games, Corinthians playing or casagrande comments
He’s perfect for refereeing Sunday’s game at 6pm, when everything is full, barbecue and not even for the game that is sure to end in a draw with 36 fouls, 19 offside and 16 side and 2 touchdowns. shot on goal and Casagrande commented at the end of the delicious Sunday.
Casagrande’s attempt to fire the Corinthians coach once and for all is worse than the game. To say that Renato Augusto didn’t play well because of the coach is pure tantrum.
Someone slammed Casagrande from commenting on the Corinthians ’game for God’s sake, sick and unbearably mad


The home tie left the Corinthians with 15 points, in third place. Timão will return to the field next week, where he will face Atlético-GO away from home on June 4, at 8:30 p.m., for the 9th round of the Brasileirão Serie A.

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