The Corinthians recovered good football, defeated Juventude and slept in the lead

The Campeonato Brasileiro is a new leader, at least until the games tomorrow. This Saturday afternoon (11), the Corinthians hosted Juventude at the Neo Química Arena and won, 2-0, with goals from Adson-in the opening minutes of the match-and Gustavo Mantuan in the final stage. As a result, Timão reached 21 points on the leaderboard and surpassed rival Palmeiras, who has yet to play in the round.

In front of more than 34 thousand people in Itaquera, the Corinthians were able to make peace with good football today. Coach Vítor Pereira had a return to attacking midfielder Willian and an inspired night away from Adson to set himself up against Juventude from start to finish. The visitors showed difficulties with their creative system and almost no danger to goalkeeper Cássio.

The win put the Corinthians in the lead over Brasileirão with 21 points scored after an 11-round tie. Tomorrow (12), Palmeiras will visit Coritiba in Couto Pereira and, if there is a win, keep the top of the table. The youth, on the other hand, stand with 10 points scored and remain in 19th place, within the relegation zone for Série B next season.

Who is good: Adson

Lots of movement and attacking impetus: Adson was not only decisive, with the goal scoring in the second minute of the game, at a move that he himself had started, but he was one of the most participating names in the Neo Química Arena. Scoring, making games or appearing as a surprise man to end it, the midfielder hired Gaucho’s defense, helping the team shorten the opponents ’gap and ending the game as vice- top scorer alvinegro in 2022, with four goals. .

Who is evil: Rafael Forster

Aside from suffering to contain the Corinthians ’attacks, especially scoring Renato Augusto, Rafael Forster also struggled to get the ball, in the face of the home team’s high score. With Vitor Mendes, the defender fell asleep on Adson’s goal, who single-handedly appeared in the penalty area to finish in first place.

Standing on foot and on goal

The Corinthians needed just two minutes to open the scoring at Neo Química Arena in a very well-done game on the offensive system. At an exit on the right side, Timão triangulated Adson, Giuliano and Rafael Ramos. The Portuguese advanced the pace and crossed the bottom towards Adson, who had only the job of pushing the ball back into the net.

What is it, Juzão?

Defenders Vitor Mendes and Rafael Forster played a funny scene in the first half. Forced by the Corinthians forward, the defensive duo tried to kick the ball from danger near the area and, in turn, missed kicks that returned the ball. It was necessary for goalkeeper César to control the ball in the chest and organize the departure of Juventude.

gave only to the Corinthians

The first half was almost completely dominated by the Corinthians, creating chances to score two or three goals before the break. With compact lines, Alvinegro was able to work the ball from the defensive field and stayed close to the finalizations of Adson, Róger Guedes and Renato Augusto. Juventude limited himself to self -defense and posed little danger to the purpose Cássio was defending.

Love is in the air

During the interval of the game, the Corinthians left the Neo Química Arena lawn as well as its sound system for the Leonardo fan to declare himself, kneel down and ask his girlfriend Gabriela to marry him. The current bride said yes to the request and was celebrated with the entire stadium.

Vítor Pereira advocated the changes and adopted caution

By the middle of the second half, the Corinthians still dominated ball possession and the actions of the game, however, saw coach Eduardo Baptista putting new blood on the field. As a result, Vítor Pereira adopted caution and replaced Róger Guedes, Renato Augusto and Giuliano with young Roni, Cantillo and Lucas Piton to close out midfield and avoid surprises.

Young people are trying to find spaces

The quick aim from the Corinthians complicated the posture of the visitors. If they intend to defend themselves and solve the counter-attack game, the gaucho team, conditioned by poor scoring, will have to find a tie from the start of the game. With the ball at their feet, however, Juventude exchanged passes in midfield and struggled to find spaces on the opposing defense, which did not intimidate Cássio. The first kick – by Chico Kim, came out – came only in the 38th minute. Out of danger, Kim and Rodrigo Soares had two shots, both defended by the Corinthians goalkeeper.

Gustavo Mantuan closed the account

In the latter part of the game, midfielder Du Queiroz took an individual step, advanced with the ball to midfield and reached the entrance to the area, where he passed the ball to Gustavo Mantuan. With the category, the midfielder dominated and hit bottom to defeat goalkeeper César, make the Corinthians second in the match and give the final numbers to the Itaquera confrontation.

Willian left the field with a standing ovation

New from Timão for today’s game after missing two consecutive games, attacking midfielder Willian started on the left side of the attack and gave a lot of work to the defensive system. in Juventude. In the final minutes of the match, he left the field to make room for Felipe Augusto and was delighted by the fans who were on the stands at the Neo Química Arena.

next games

The Corinthians will return to the field next Wednesday (15th) to face Athletico-PR, at the Arena da Baixada, for the 12th round of the Brazilian Championship.

Juventude will play on Tuesday (14), against Santos, of Alfredo Jaconi, of Caxias do Sul.



Reason: 11th round of Serie A do Brasileirão 2022

Date and time: June 11, 2022 (Saturday), at 4:30 pm (Brazilian time)

Location: Neo Química Arena, in São Paulo (SP)

referee: Ramon Abatti Abel (SC)

Assistants: Kleber Lucio Gil (Fifa/SC) and Henrique Neu Ribeiro (Fifa/SC)

VAR: Rodrigo Nunes de Sa (Fifa/RJ).

goals: Adson, at 2 ‘in the 1st half (1-0); Gustavo Mantuan, 38 ‘in 2nd half (2-0)

Yellow cards: Giuliano (Corinthians); Jean and Yuri Lima (Youth)

red cards:

Corinthians: Cassius; Rafael Ramos, Gil, Raul Gustavo and Fábio Santos; Du Queiroz, Giuliano (Roni) and Renato Augusto (Cantillo); Willian (Felipe Augusto), Adson (Gustavo Mantuan) and Róger Guedes (Lucas Piton). Technician: Victor Pereira.

Young: Cesar; Paulo Henrique (Rodrigo Soares), Vitor Mendes and Rafael Forster and William Matheus; Jean (Moraes Júnior), Yuri Lima, Jadson, Marlon (Vitor Gabriel) and Chico (Bruninho); Isidro Pitta (Oscar Ruiz). Technician: Eduardo Baptista.

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