The Corinthians, organized, defeated Goiás and continued to fight for supremacy

The Corinthians played a solid game to beat Goiás 1-0 for the Brazilian Championship and score the same 25 points as leader Palmeiras-they were second in goal difference. The winning goal came from a penalty kick, which was entirely blamed on the almost always infallible Fábio Santos.

The result, which kept Alvinegro in the fight at the top of the table, was achieved based on the growing tactical organization of a team that dialogues better and better with his coach Vítor Pereira.

For Goiás, the result was not good, of course. With his 14 points, Esmeraldino remained in the relegation zone.

On Wednesday (22), Timão began deciding a spot in the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil with Santos, at home. For the Brazilian, next Saturday, Santos is also the opponent. Goiás has an Atlético-GO classic for Brasileirão on Wednesday.

chronology of the game

Better in the game, Corinthians opened the scoring with 33 ‘in the 1st half where Fabio Santos got a penalty. The penalty was given after Roger Guedes ’kick from the edge of the area, which hit Caio Vinícius’ arm, was leaning to the ground. The referee announced it, the VAR confirmed it and the Corinthians set the net.

The game of the Corinthians

Timão bet a lot on its right sector in the initial period, and a lot more on the left in the second half. With that, he opened Goiás. Organized and honest, the home team knows how to deal with favorable points to guarantee the result.

Game of Goiás

Goiás lacked firepower, arriving in São Paulo with a proposal to close in order to leave quickly, handling the attacks on the Corinthians. The problem is that, aside from the controversial penalty, the team from the Midwest didn’t show the strength to reach the attack. In the final quarter of the game, he tried even more pressure, but he encountered his own mistakes and lack of energy.

Good run: Mantuan was very sharp in the second round

The Corinthians had some good numbers, like Cantillo, Du and Guedes. But Mantuan did a very good job of attacking on the left especially in the second half. The striker, though falling to the side, is a reference, gets the ball when needed and is in danger.

Not good: Caio Vinícius contributed little

Less for the dubious penalty than the lack of hits, Caio Vinícius was not good at scoring and also didn’t give the team strength ahead of the transfer.

Tite was entertained at the Arena

Six years after leaving Alvinegro to replace the Brazilian team, Tite was at the Neo Química Arena this Sunday. And since it’s impossible, the fans cheered him on giving him even more joy.

The Corinthians used the sides to press the 1st stage

Owner of the actions in the 1st half, the Corinthians used the sides of the field, especially the right side, with Guedes and Rafael Ramos in action, to take the lead. And dominated the game. He still has a lot of possession of the ball and a chance to score.

Jair Ventura saw the bolt break and Timão scored 1-0 from a penalty

Although their ball was small, Goiás complied with his defense’s suggestion not to give the Corinthians space. But he saw it all fall apart when Guedes stole the ball at the entrance to the area and rolled it to Adson, who hit the goal. On Tadeu’s rebound, Guedes kicked and the ball caught Caio’s arm. The move is controversial, as the emerald puts his arm on the ground. But the referee pointed out, that Fábio Santos was completely hit: 1 to 0.

Gil left with an injury to his left leg

Aside from rotation and making his seventh consecutive game as a starter, veteran Gil felt his leg break, at 25 ’in the second round of Pedro Raul’s contention on the side of the field. Shirt 4 immediately asked for a substitution and Robson Bambu went to the match.

A standing ovation, Fagner, finally, made his Brazilian debut

The Timão side was out of the field for more than a month, when he faced Deportivo Cali for the Libertadores. However, at the age of 34, shirt 23 entered the field with a lot of applause.

Looking forward to the Copa do Brasil

By the end of the match, Corinthian fans were already starting to think about the round of 16 match of the Copa do Brasil, against Santos. “Wednesday is war”, sang the standers.


Brazilian championship
Location: Neo Química Arena, in São Paulo (SP)
Day: June 19, 2022, Sunday
Period: 16:00 (Brazil time)
referee: Bráulio da Silva Machado (Fifa/SC)
Assistants: Alex dos Santos (SC) and Henrique Neu Ribeiro (SC)
VAR: Wagner Reway (PB)
Yellow Cards: Caio Vinícius, Jair Ventura (Coach), Pedro Junqueira and Maguinho (GOI). Roger Guedes (COR)
goals: Fábio Santos, 33 ‘in 1st half (COR)

CORINTHIANS: Cassius; Rafael Ramos (Fagner), Gil (Bamboo), Raul Gustavo and Fabio Santos; Du Queiroz, Cantillo (Giuliano) and Renato Augusto (Xavier); Adson, Gustavo Mantuan (Piton) and Róger Guedes. Technician: Victor Pereira.

GOIÁS: Tadeo; Maguinho, Da Silva, Yan Souto and Juan Pablo (Elvis); Auremir (Luan Dias), Caio Vinícius (Felipe Bastos) and Diego; Vinícius, Pedro Raul and Dadá (Pedro Junqueira). Technician: Jair Ventura

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