The Consortium rejected Vasco’s request to send the game against Sport to Maracanã; club asks for reconsideration

The Maracanã Consortium rejected the request Vasco to match against sportfor the sixteenth spherical of Série B of the Brazilian Championship, will likely be held at the stadium. At this, one other controversy arose between the club and the stadium managers. Cruz-Maltino opposed the choice and filed a request for reconsideration on Wednesday.

Since the win against Cruzeiro, the events have been combating by means of the notes. It all began when Gigante da Colina was charged an quantity greater than stipulated in the Maracanã switch contract to Flamengo and Fluminense. The settlement was that Vasco and Botafogo would have to pay a hire of R $ 90 thousand.

The São Januário group didn’t agree on the quantity, protesting demanding isonomy and equality, however paid for to play in the stadium. However, the Basques asking for reimbursement about the worth. In addition, 10% income from stadium bars is one other hurdle. According to the lease settlement, the switch is customary.

After such details, with out additional rationalization, Vasco banned from exhibiting three tracks with messages of the establishment carrying the phrase: ‘SINCE 1898 THE LEGITIMATE CLUB OF THE PEOPLE – RESPECT – ASSISTANCE AND INCLUSION’. In partnership with Pixbet, sponsor of Cruz-Maltino, the message was displayed on promoting boards. Fans additionally carried posters with the message.

Before the finish of the match, the place it was gained by Gigante, Consórcio Maracanã issued an official assertion refusing any kind of differential therapy. The group additionally accused the club of self -denial and focusing on public opinion of itself.

See the full notice posted by Vasco under:
“Club de Regatas Vasco da Gama introduced that this afternoon it has submitted a request for reconsideration of the Maracanã Consortium, after refusing to play its game against Sport Club do Recife, on July 3, in Maracanã The club understands the Consortium’s allegations of not permitting Vasco and his followers to be in Rio de Janeiro’s largest stadium, at a game with excessive public demand, scheduled for a Sunday in 4 p.m., and the Consortium is anticipated to assessment your place.

In its allegations, the Consortium says there may be already a game scheduled lower than 24 hours earlier than Vasco’s game between Fluminense x Corinthians (07/02/2022 at 4:30 p.m.) and that “ with an interval of lower than 24 hours between video games., makes it unimaginable to meet the minimal time really useful for sustaining garden high quality ”.

This “rule” was apparently created solely to justify the refusal to make Vasco da Gama’s match against Sport in Maracanã. In a quick survey performed by the club, it was discovered that the reality is repeated in Maracanã, particularly in video games involving CR Flamengo or Fluminense FC, together with the present season of the Brazilian Championship. In a interval from October 11 to 17, 2020, 4 video games came about in simply seven days. This reasoning can’t be accepted as cheap. Vasco da Gama’s restriction of the proper to work in the Maracanã configures, as soon as once more, the lack of uniformity of circumstances for the use of the stadium by Rio de Janeiro’s main golf equipment, immediately in violation of the danger provisions. time period of authorization for use signed with the State Government.

In one other unfounded cause for banning Vasco’s game, the Consortium said that “there may be already a schedule of video games at the Maracanã stadium in July 2022, offering not less than 08 (eight) soccer matches to be performed that month, which up to 10 (ten) video games, relying on the efficiency of CR Flamengo and Fluminense FC in the Copa do Brasil. ”The reality is that, in accordance to the present official calendar of CBF and Conmebol, whether or not CR Flamengo and Fluminense FC truly to advance to the Copa do Brasil, the highest variety of video games in the month of July in Maracanã will likely be solely 9 (9) video games .. So, there isn’t a impediment to the CR Vasco da Gama x Sport Clube do Recife match at 7/ 3/2002, which is the tenth game scheduled by the Consortium for the month of July.

In its unfavorable response, the Consortium additionally admitted that Vasco requested the presence of the stadium very shut to the date of the game, which isn’t true since the session was held 18 days upfront, on June 15.

Considered the significance of the game (second against fifth place in collection B, in a direct debate for entry to collection A), to the public success of the game Vasco x Cruzeiro (together with caravan and touring followers from all areas of the nation), financial exercise, income technology and income for particular person entrepreneurs and for the State, Vasco da Gama rejected makes an attempt to curb extra variety of its followers from becoming a member of the club to use public amenities. which is 3 times bigger than the stadium in São Januário and awaits a brand new look by the Maracanã Consortium.

The following is a survey performed on a collection of Maracanã video games over the previous three years.

Year 2020:
Vasco 0 x 1 Flamengo – Wednesday – January 22 – 9pm
Fluminense 2 x 0 Portuguese – Thursday – January 23 – 20h

Resende 1 x 3 Flamengo – Monday – February 3 – 8pm
Fluminense 1 x 1 Union La Calera – Tuesday – February 4th – 9:30 pm

Flamengo 2 x 0 Madureira – Saturday – February 8 – 4pm
Fluminense 3 x 0 Botafogo – Sunday – February 9 – 4pm

Fluminense 2 x 0 Botafogo/PB – Wednesday – March 4 – 7:15 pm
Vasco 1 x 0 ABC – Thursday – March 5 – 9:30 pm

Flamengo 3 x 0 Botafogo – Saturday – March 7 – 6pm
Fluminense 4 x 0 Resende – Sunday – March 8 – 6pm

Flamengo 2 x 1 Portuguese – Saturday – March 14 – 6pm
Vasco 0 x 2 Fluminense – Sunday – March 15 – 6pm

Fluminense 1 x 0 Bahia – October 11 (Sunday) – 4pm
Flamengo 2 x 1 Goiás – October 13 (Tuesday) – 6pm
Flamengo 1 x 1 Bragantino – Oct. 15 (Thursday) – 8pm
Fluminense 2 x 2 Ceará – October 17 (Saturday) – 7pm

Year 2021:
Macaé 0 x 2 Flamengo – March 6 (Saturday)
Fluminense 0 x 3 Portuguese – March 7 (Sunday) – 4pm

Flamengo 4 x 1 Volta Redonda – April 24 (Saturday) – 7pm
Fluminense 4 x 1 Madureira – April 25 (Sunday) – 11 am

Flamengo 4 x 1 Volta Redonda – May 8 (Saturday), 9:05 pm
Fluminense 2 x 1 Portuguese – May 9 (Sunday) – 4 pm

Fluminense 1 x 2 Junior Barranquila – May 18 (Tuesday) – 9:30 pm
Flamengo 2 x 2 LDU – May 19 (Wednesday) – 9pm

Flamengo 2 x 0 Coritiba – June 16 (Wednesday) – 9:30 pm
Fluminense 1 x 0 Santos – June 17 (Thursday) – 7pm

Brazil 0 x 1 Argentina – July 10 (Saturday) – 9pm
Flamengo 2 x 1 Chapecoense – July 11 (Sunday) – 6:15 pm

Year 2022:
Fluminense 3 x 2 Vila Nova/GO – April 19 (Tuesday) – 9:30 pm
Flamengo 0 x 0 Palmeiras – April 20 (Wednesday) – 7:30 pm

Fluminense 0 x 2 Atlético Goianiense – June 11 (Saturday) – 7pm
Vasco 1 x 0 Cruise – June 12 (Sunday) – 4pm ”.

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