The Celtics dominated the fourth quarter, winning the Warriors, an open lead in the NBA Finals

By dominating the fourth quarter, the Boston Celtics beat the Golden State Warriors and opened the scoring. NBA Finals. In this Wednesday’s (8) game at TD Garden, the home team won 116-100. Thus, the Boston team is 2-1 in the series. The Celtics and Warriors will return to the court this Friday (10) in Boston for the fourth game of the NBA Finals.

The home team was completely dominant in the first quarter. Inspired by Jaylen Brown, and with a strong defense, the Celtics put up 33-22. Boston’s No. 7, for example, helped with 24 points (assists and a goal). Also, the Celtics ’ball movement was impressive, with eight assists in 12 hoops. On the other hand, the Warriors went wrong on the perimeter (two shots in ten attempts).

Also, for the second time, the Boston team continued to dominate the action. The home team penalized the Golden State defense with easy baskets in the paint and “attacked” Stephen Curry for two fouls in the first quarter. As for the warriors, again Splash Brothers Combined with 19 points. In this way, the visiting team did not allow the Celtics to open up such a big advantage. Thus, the first half ended with the hosts winning 68-56. There were 32 points on the field painted in Boston, with the Warriors only 16.

Warriors and the third quarter of death

Afterwards, the San Francisco team performed their usual gala show, returning from the break. Curry had 15 points in the blast period, and Klay Thompson scored another ten. That way, even with a four-pointer in the 30s, the Warriors managed to turn the score around. Before leading the game for the second time, the visitors scored seven points on a single possession.

On the other hand, Brown was well-marked and scored just two points in the interval. The Boston team continued to score in the lane and returned to command the lead. By the end of the third quarter, the Celtics had a four-point lead: 93 and 89.

Relentless Celtics in the fourth quarter

The last time the game was played the home team was ruthless on both sides of the court. With a stifling defense (five forced billing Warriors in the first five minutes), and great efficiency near the basket, bent the Celtics lead and determined the direction of the game.

As for the Warriors, the situation worsened even more when Draymond Green was sent off for fouls four minutes from time. In addition, Curry left the court with a sore left ankle, which could cause concern for the finals. Finally, Splash Brothers in that period he scored only two points.

Tatum and Marcus Smart led the attack in Boston and added 16 points in the final quarter. Thus, Celtics had three athletes with a total of 77 points, or 66% of the total team score.

Defensively, the home side scored just 11 points for the visitors last time. Robert Williams, for example, ended the duel with three robberies and four blocks.

Finally, the Celtics finished the game with 52 points, and the Warriors scored just 26.

Golden State Warriors 100 x 116 Boston Celtics (1)

Jalen Brown: 27 points, nine rebounds, five assists, 4-8 from the perimeter, 9-16 from the field
Jayson Tatum: 26 points, six rebounds, nine assists, 9-23 from the field
Marcus Smart: 24 points, seven rebounds, five assists, five missed and 8-17 on the field.
Al Horford: 11 points, six rebounds, five assists
Grant Williams: Ten points and five rebounds
Robert Williams: Eight points, ten rebounds, three steals and four blocks

Golden Statue
Stephen Curry: 31 points, four rebounds, 6-11 from the perimeter, 12-22 from the field
Klay Thompson: 25 points, 5-13 from the perimeter and 7-17 from the field
Andrew Wiggins: 18 points, seven rebounds, two blocks and 7-16 on the field.

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