The Brazilian NFT game does not last even 24 hours and drops to 100%

It was released by a Brazilian NFT game and lasted less than 24 hours, its price dropped 100% and it lost a loss of R $ 1.3 million.

MekaMiners, which has been raising funds to launch a new game on the NFT gaming market in recent months, has promised to release a game with new artistic concepts.

The scenario of the game would be the future where the first robot was created by humans with the same ability to think and act as humans. They worked for the humans who created these robots to fight wars and extract precious metals to survive.

It is clear that the concept ended up attracting people, with 1,430 wallets holding this token this Thursday, according to a BscScan report.

The token price of the Brazilian NFT game drops 100% in less than 24 hours of launch

Last Wednesday (23), MekaMiners said it would launch another NFT game created by the Brazilians, but it didn’t take long to tell the story.

Therefore, after the launch of the NFT game on February 23rd, a huge prey of MekaMiners was applied in a few hours, which caused a huge 100% drop in the price of the game already this Thursday (24).

With the drop, there could be a $ 254 thousand loss directly in the game contract, or a real $ 1.3 million even today.

MekaMiners’ MEKA Token, a 24-hour NFT game / Coingecko

And the creators of this game were Brazilians who claim to live outside of Brazil, but who presented themselves as development specialists. Funding for the possible game began in August 2021, but this Thursday the blows may have buried the project that was barely released for players.

This shows that the NFT gaming market continues to be in trouble after being buried by the scams of various creative projects or even third parties.

Many users were not satisfied with the blow that could be inflicted on them, they went to the company’s social networks and accused the developers of pulling the rug.

Netizens accused him of pulling the MekaMiners carpet
Netizens accused him of pulling the MekaMiners carpet. Instagram

Audit error?

On Twitter on Thursday morning, the group did not comment on the issue of its token, which apparently disappeared from the market when it was taken out of its wallet.

However, the statement blamed the withdrawal of R $ 1,303 million on SolidityFinance, which recently inspected the project.

Until the closure, the audit firm did not comment on the case, despite the appeal of the followers, making it clear that it is possible for no one to perform the audit or audit.

The MekaMiners team blamed the game audit for causing the damage
The MekaMiners team blamed the game audit for causing the damage. twitter

The case continues to attract the attention of the Brazilian community, which recently saw the collapse of CryptoCars, CryptoPlanes and several other projects that disappeared after the scams.

Check out what the MekaMiners team has to say

O direct coins He contacted the MekaMiners team to request an explanation for the issue. The answers were given by Marcelo Rodrigues, the creator of the NTF game.

So far we have maintained full transparency from day 0 on all events related to the project and that would not be any different now.

We described the issue in detail on our Discord prediction channel and also gathered our community where all interested members could enter the Discord voice room, and I myself explained to everyone in a voice the situation, how it happened and the current state of everything.

At the moment we don’t know how it will be fixed, as we announced in our Discord the next step in trying to revive our project is to try to get it approved by a Launchpad, we have now submitted three of them and intend to do so. one more moment we are waiting for the answer at the moment. If it is impossible to enter one of them, it will be very difficult to rise again, given that there is no more liquidity to feed a new currency.

Counting the diluted investments and project costs among our team members who lost about $ 54,000 in this attack, believe me, we want more than anyone to make it possible to rebuild all this, after all the project was very well structured, with a long. the term economy and our community was the best we have experienced in every project we have had the opportunity to participate in or not as investors.”.

Asked if there had been a cyberattack and any trace of a suspect, Marcelo confirmed the vulnerability and said the author had sent the balance to various wallets.

“It simply came to our notice then. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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