The Brazilian national team appreciates the pros and cons of playing a friendly on the eve of the World Cup; understand the reasons Brazilian team

The draw for the World Cup was in favor of the Brazilian national team, but two months after the draw, Tite and his coach have not yet finished planning Qatar. One of the main questions is whether the team will play a friendly in November, on the eve of their World Cup debut. The issue divides opinions and is the subject of discussion in the committee and the CBF.

Brazil fell in Group G of the Copa del Rey, so they will only play their first game on November 24, with more time to prepare, as the national team wanted. Tit should have a full squad of players starting at 14, a week and a half before his debut against Serbia.

This period allows the team to play a friendly, but there is no agreement that this is the best option. On the one hand, Brazil may eventually face a European rival, something that has not happened since 2019. The last time was against the Czech Republic (formerly the Czech Republic), with a 3-1 win. failure or tie..

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Selection calendar: Korea Brazil vs Brazil on Thursday at 08:00 in Seoul. Then Japan vs. Brazil on Monday at 7:20 a.m. in Tokyo. TV Globo, SporTV and ge broadcast live

Tite, coach of the Brazilian national team, training in South Korea – Photo: Lucas Figueiredo / CBF

Despite his short training time compared to other World Cups, physical trainer Fábio Mahseredjian is in favor of playing a friendly match, but he does reflect:

– It needs to be discussed. When I took my eye (on the table), I said: it’s worth playing the friendly on Friday (November 18).. The athletes will play the previous Saturday or Sunday and would play on Friday, so they will make their Cup debut on Thursday (May 24). This is to keep up with the so-called pace of the game, which is not measurable. Better a poor horse than no horse at all Said Mahseredjian before finishing.

– But we need to know the burden of the games that these athletes will have. If I anticipate that, I can tell you if you should play this friendly. At first, I was in favor of doing it. Tit also said, “Does a fitness trainer say he has to play?” But yes, I don’t want to lose the pace of the game, but let’s wait until the start of the European Championships, the Champions League, then we’ll know the whole calendar, he explained.

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In the middle, between Marquinhos and Ricardo Rosa (physical trainer), Fabio Mahseradjian observes the training of the national team – Photo: Lucas Figueiredo / CBF

Asked about the risk of injury in a game less than a week before his cup debut, the team’s physical trainer went down. And he sees a condition that would help: to face the teams that will play in the World Cup, and they would also have the same vigilance.

I think the athlete is dosing himself. At the last World Cup, in 2018, that was noticed, they don’t give 100%, they know how to dose. Especially when you’re in front of a team going to the Cup because no one wants to be left out. When it comes time to comment, let’s just say: let’s look for a team in the Cup. Against a non-existent group, the risk of physical trauma may increase. This is a contact injury, you are at risk of contact injury at all times. So if you have a player with a high game load, high values ​​of CK (creatine kinase), high load, insomnia, weight loss … these values ​​that we evaluate, we hold on to that athlete.

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Prior to the World Cup in Russia, Brazil played friendly matches against Croatia and Austria. However, there was more preparation time at the time, as the Cup was played in the middle of the year, at the end of the European club season.

Before traveling to Qatar, the national team will spend a few days training in Europe. Recently, CBF members traveled to Spain, England and Italy to visit training centers. Real Madrid and Juventus were the most liked, but Tottenham (also used in 2018) is not ruled out.

Brazil will face South Korea this Thursday at 08:00 (GMT) in Seoul. Then, on Monday, he will face Japan at 7:20 a.m. in Tokyo. In September, the national team will play another friendly and will face Argentina in a match that will take place in the 2021 play-offs, but it was canceled.

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