The Brazilian media market is moving towards the mediatech model

Thais Monteiro
May 30, 2022 – 6 p.m.

Popularized by Globo in Brazil, the mediatech concept has gained new followers. In April of this year, Terra and Exame media and startups were positioned in the content creation market, such as One Big Media, which already uses the term to describe the way they work. In addition to positioning, converting to mediatech involves strategic issues such as reducing costs with third parties, attracting new investors, and advertising money. As content production becomes more accessible, distribution channels proliferate and the advertiser’s media plan is more dispersed, this is the way to look in the media market.

Terra launches a campaign to communicate its brand and new vertical content to consumers (Credit: Disclosure / Terra)

The journey of the globe began when he realized that digital conversion to digital media would bring about changes in content consumption habits. In 2018, a review of the company’s operating model began with the merger of TV Globo, Globosat, and Globoplay. Technology, at the time, was essential for synergy, speed, and all business decisions. From that moment on, the Globo project began to become a mediatech, “focusing on the development of content production and distribution technologies, including increasingly personalized advertising and tailored to consumer interests, ensuring the best experience with Globo products. ”Says Raymundo Barros, Director of Globe Strategy and Technology.


Globo has been merging brands into the same structure since January

In the structural part, the company hired professionals such as scientists, data analysts and programmers – currently in the technological field of employees – to start building its CDN (Content Distribution Network) to meet the demand of its users. and distributed content nationally and internationally and signed a partnership with Google Cloud in April 2021 to enable Globo to use Google’s experience in data management, artificial intelligence and machine learning, as well as a scalable and secure global technology infrastructure. . evolution to support the production and distribution phases of content.

Terra announced its positioning as a mediatech in April this year, based on a relocation that included a new vertical content strategy to increase representation in vehicle production. But, according to Brazilian director Claudia Caliente Terra, 20 years of brand history have been accredited and accredited as Terra mediatech. “We were born with a strong presence in the provision of digital services, both as an Internet access provider and as an email provider. The maturity we built with this evolution, in addition to knowing the behavior of the audience, allowed us to launch important products, ”he says, referring to Sonora Music Streaming, 2006, and Sunday TV Movie Streaming, 2012.


Terra is positioned as a mediatech

To put this positioning into practice, the company created data governance teams, along with Viva, which owns Terra, to focus its efforts on media management and algorithm maintenance to improve user assertiveness and improve the consumer experience. . Despite being a group, Terra says it works together to streamline and streamline the information exchange process. Joining Vivo, on the other hand, allows you to do research and track users’ careers.

Like Terra, Exame also positioned itself as a Mediatech Exam in April, but the journey so far began in 2019 when BTG Pactual earned the title, began investing in the brand, more digitized, multi-channel and different revenue with pillars in education and business. “We believed that we could contribute in an even more proactive way to the personal and professional development of people, the formation of leaders and the development of companies and businesses, and it was necessary to put these goals into practice. to bring modernity, technology and innovation, ”said Renato Mimica, co-director of Exam.

Taking care of the brand, BTG Pactual created technology and data teams, teams focused on digitizing and optimizing the company, and wanted to establish a mindset of constant search for new formats and how to use different technologies, data science and channels. to better affect readers and customers. The challenge is to take advantage of the best content channels and technology solutions. “With the current state of connectivity and the ever-changing changes in new technology solutions, non-up-to-date companies have little chance of maintaining value as a business that creates value in a sustainable way,” he predicts.


From magazine to mediatech: The new era of Exame

content creation

Launched by Emotion Studios Group, One Big Media was born with the goal of being a mediatech that specializes in developing and promoting content creators. The company becomes a partner in content channels and works with them to evolve in metrics, metadata, and content professionalization. Today, the startup has 111 channels on various social platforms.

The company invests in building its tools, but also uses outsourced technologies in the marketplace to optimize work, ensure engagement and audience. The aim is to provide information that helps predict which brand content campaigns and strategies can have effective results, all while providing agility based on data analysis and business intelligence. To do this, it is structured in vertically divided groups. There are also industry leaders, but the work model aims to be horizontal in terms of content strategies, brand partnerships and new business fronts for creators.

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