The Brazilian lawyer explains to ESPN the background of the dispute between Ecuador and Chile and explains why the Copa is “the biggest enemy”.

In an interview with ESPN, Chile-based lawyer Eduardo Carlezzo said he had enough evidence to prove the irregularities of Byron Castillo, Ecuador’s right-back.

O FIFA Disciplinary Committee closed this Friday (10), the process opened by the Chilean Football Federation against the Ecuadorian Football Federation and He decided to keep Ecuador at the 2022 World Cup.

You The Chileans, however, will appeal the decision. they claim that Byron Castillo, The right-back of the Ecuadorian national team, played with irregular documentation in qualifying matches. This could result in the team losing eight points, leaving them out of the World Cup standings.

Hired by the Chilean Federation Eduardo CarlezzoA Brazilian lawyer spoke exclusively ESPN and he said very much World CupAs of November 21, the Chileans are “the biggest enemy” in the process, with just five months to go.

The great enemy of our proclamation is not the attitude of Ecuador. In fact, there has never been a comment in Ecuador on the origin of the athlete, how he was born, in which hospitals he was born, where he was baptized, there is no comment. This lack of justification in Ecuador is suspicious” said the lawyer.

Our big enemy is the World Cup itself, which is already raffled off, the organization is up and running, with specific sets and matches, selling tickets. This question certainly has weight in the resolution of the issue.” said Carlezzo.

The Brazilian, however, is still confident that the team will get what it needs to reach the Copa del Rey at the end of the year, as he did. Sufficient evidence to prove these irregularities in Castillo’s documentation.



Eduardo Carlezzo only spoke to

” We did some in-depth research on the player’s background and past. It was very clear that he was born in Tumaco. In addition to your birth certificate, your baptismal certificate, your mother’s birth certificate, that is, your Tumaco certificate, your parents’ marriage certificate … We know that your mother and daughter are still living in Tumaco, Colombia, ” he said before concluding. :

” On the other hand, with regard to the athlete’s birth certificate in Ecuador, we have evidence from Ecuador, a legal report from the National Directorate of Registrars of Ecuador that the document was false, as well as the opinion of an investigation by the Federation. The Ecuadorian Football Association also stated that the player is Colombian. Therefore, we will appeal because we have a lot of evidence, both in terms of quality and quantity.” concluded the lawyer.

understand the case

It all started on May 5, when the Chilean Football Federation sent a complaint to FIFA’s Disciplinary Board against right-back Byron Castillo and the Ecuadorian Federation. Chileans claim that the athlete’s birth date, age and nationality are false.

Chile want to lose eight points to Ecuador in the matches played by Castillo and move to the opposing teams, which would give Chile three points. With that combination, the country would guarantee its qualification for at least the Qatar Cup repechage.

The South American qualifier ended in Ecuador 4th place with 26 points. On the other hand, Chile, expelled, made 19 points in 18 games. From south america Brazil, Argentina, UruguayEcuador and Peruthis rehearsal ensured its classification.

The Chileans themselves stated that a committee of inquiry from the Ecuadorian federation had found out that the player was a Colombian, after obtaining the registration documents of the Ecuadorian athletes. After some uncertainty with Castillo’s documentation, the local court sent out opinions proving the athlete’s identity.

Documents proving the Colombian nationality of the defender, who plays there, were presented on June 6 barcelona. Chilean lawyers showed the birth and baptismal certificate of a player registered in Tumaco, Colombia, in 1995. Officially, documents from the athlete show that he was born in 1998 in General Villamil, Ecuador.

This Friday (10), the FIFA Disciplinary Committee decided to close the process and keep Ecuador in the Qatar World Cup.

“After examining the allegations of all interested parties and considering all the elements presented, the FIFA Disciplinary Committee has decided to close the proceedings against the FEF,” the governing body of the world football wrote in an official statement.

The decision, however, is not final. Chile will appeal to FIFA’s Appeals Committee. Looking for a place in the Qatar World Cup.

The hope, according to the hired lawyer, is that the entity will file a new decision within 20 days of filing the appeal, which should be done by the end of next week.

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