The Brazilian has won space travel after buying NFT

Victor Hespanha, a 28-year-old Brazilian from Minas Gerais, could not have imagined that the mere purchase of a non-fungal token (NFT) could take him into space. But that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

The production engineer acquired the Crypto Space Agency (CSA) digital collection from Crypto Space Agency, a cryptocurrency-focused space agency, and embarked on the fifth manned flight of Blue Origin, the multi-millionaire space tourism company Jeff Bezos. New Shepard rocket.

The official announcement was made by the CSA in a press release released on Monday (9).

Crypto Space Agency has announced that it will fully support Victor’s travel organization, which aims to unite the space industry with the cryptocurrency world.

“At a historic moment when the real-world impact of Web3 – and especially NFT – is beginning to unfold, CSA is making space travel available to everyday people,” the company said in a statement.

The start date of the manned voyage has not yet been announced.

NFT takes Brazilians into space

According to the CSA, as of April 25, 2021, the organization has made 5,555 Gen 1 NFTs available on the market. At the time, the organization promised that NFT buyers would allow one of them to go into space.

As of April 30, the company used a randomly selected channel to select its first cryptocurrency. And then they chose Victor Hespanha.

Enthusiastic about the space, Hespanha said it was actively investing in its portfolio diversification strategy.

“I bought it with the rising potential in mind,” Hespanha said. “I never imagined mine would be drawn. CSA is fulfilling my childhood dream through an NFT. ”

To Victor É, Victor told him that he knew few details about the trip, such as that it would last 11 minutes and 5 of them at zero gravity:

“We will leave the line of the atmosphere and float in a capsule for 5 minutes at very high speed. “The window” from the videos I’ve seen is big, it’s a lot to see, ”he said.

The engineer said he had invested about R $ 4,000 in NFT. However, I did not imagine that this would be enough to pay for space travel:

“It’s also scary, I never thought about it [que conseguiria]. I’m an ordinary person, but I have this tremendous opportunity. This is to show that space travel is not just a billionaire thing. ”

The second Brazilian in space

Victor will be the second Brazilian to fly into space. The first of these was the former Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Marcos Pontes, in 2006.

In fact, there were only an average of six people in space at a time, despite the fact that space agencies spent billions of dollars.

According to the CSA, its main premise is that the space and crypto sectors share a common vision for greater political and economic freedom and together can unleash the power of humanity’s imagination and passion for space.

“Implementing a space program is a time for emerging nations. This is the first cryptocurrency that makes the first cryptocurrency deeply symbolic, “said Joshua Skurla, co-founder of CSA.” This is just the beginning of Web3 platforms that transform human society into real life. “

In addition to space travel, the CSA said it is investing in new approaches to the search for extraterrestrial intelligence to defend against potentially dangerous asteroids and to incubate commercial businesses outside the world. To do this, the organization will use 7.5% NFT revenue and secondary sales rights rates.

In addition, the CSA plans to send another NFT holder into space before the end of the year.

“Victor left the real world when he bought his first NFT and is now literally leaving the planet. It’s a Matrix moment,” said Sam Hutchison, co-founder of CSA. “Web3 is blurring the line between fantasy and reality. to the members ”.

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