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Contrary to many people’s beliefs, the cryptocurrency market goes beyond speculation. The great magic of this universe is not just buying assets, such as Bitcoin, and seeing them take off in record time, for a simple account of supply and demand. But yes, in the short run-up to being able to pocket extra profits by investing in new technologies and solutions for society through digital currencies.

You may not know it, but most projects that show exponential gains have real-world applications that can change the entire trajectory of an entire economic chain, as well as the names of well-known brands.

For example, those who invested 1,000 reais in Mana (Descentraland) active cryptocurrency earlier this year already have more than BRL 38,000 in their account, which MANA estimated at only 3,787% in 2021.

The exponential return provided by the aforementioned crypto is because it is embedded in a market with enormous untapped potential, which is responsible for changing the name of the metaverse or Facebook.

And MANA was not the only one that had a significant impact on a particular sector of the economy to enrich its investors. Helium cryptocurrency, the decentralization of the Internet, and the WEB 3.0 sector, which aims to decentralize the Internet and take its data from the power of Big Techs, also followed suit.

After all, in 2021 it jumped by 3,310%. This means 34 times the amount invested in just 10 months.

While both are great examples of cryptocurrencies that have yielded exponential returns for being real-world applications, they are small compared to what happened to those who invested in AXS cryptocurrencies in January this year.

For those of you who don’t know, Axie Infinity (AXS) is an online game created within the Ethereum network, the second largest cryptocurrency in existence. But AXS is not just another online game, it has ultimately created a different way to reward its players. Instead of paying to play, the players here are paid, they earn to play. The model was known as play-to-ear.

But what really became a millionaire with AXS was not the players who won to play, but the ones who invested in their cryptocurrencies.

It is possible to climb at least 200 times

For example, on January 16, 2021, the cryptocurrency department of Empiricus issued an alert to readers indicating their purchase of AXS. At the time, the crypto was still priced at $ 0.50 and was far from the biggest winning game to play in existence.

That conviction was true. After all, since its designation, AXS has become the fastest growing game in the world, becoming the largest NFT-based project. This growth went straight into the pockets of those who bought AXS directly when the Empiricus department stated.

Since January 16, AXS has accumulated a valuation of 29,000%, transforming it into more than R $ 1 million for every 4,000 reais invested. But even a return to that size is nothing compared to what the analytical home currency department sees for its new big bet.

Now the cryptocurrency department has identified a a new bet in the decentralized finance (DeFi) segment which, according to his analysis, has everything it takes to follow the same path as AXS and jump 200 times, becoming 5 billion reais, who knows, in the short / medium term.

More than that, departmental experts are convinced that their new bets could revolutionize and decentralize the traditional financial system, putting an end to the banks we know today.

Felipe Miranda, Empiricus ’chief investment strategist, said recently that Nubank itself, which is due to undergo an IPO process in early December, will be one of the threats threatened by this new bet.

“I think crypto will kill all the banks. That’s why I think Nubank (share price) is too much” – Felipe Miranda

Nubank could shake it up and put a million reais in the pockets of its investors

It can also be difficult to imagine a scenario in which all major banks will be “threatened with extinction” as a result of groundbreaking and innovative projects. Even more so here in Brazil, where banks show records after earnings records.

But in fact, their biggest “weakness” lies in the big profits of the banks. After all, the high profits of the banking sector are mainly due to the abusive fees they charge their customers.

Maintenance fees, transaction fees, financial products that only pay managers’ pockets, insurance that are mostly just big holes, and so on. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

But if we look back and look at the evolutionary process, which was initially a big joke that disturbed the multinational giants, this future may not be that far off.

Just look at what happened to Yahoo in the 2000s. Unbeknownst to him, Yahoo was one of the pioneers of search engines until the advent of Google, which enriched shareholders who believed that the end of Yahoo’s reign would end and that he would win the lead.

Stop and think, who is bigger today? Google or Yahoo? From 1996 to 2004, Yahoo was the star of the American Stock Exchange. From 2004, when Google debuted on the stock market, Yahoo’s reign came to an end. Google valued it at 4,245% compared to a shy 150% of Yahoo, which sold for $ 4 billion.

It would be considered great if Google were not worth about $ 713 billion at a time.

Same with those who invested in Netflix. At first, many questioned today’s huge technology business model. Why keep movies and series online with Blockbuster and other DVD rental companies? Well, the answer is in the title below:

While Netflix grew by only 57,354.33% and enriched its investors, Blockbuster broke its empire in less than 20 years.

5,000 BRL A starter that can convert BRL 2 million has just been turned on

Now, that same revolution is happening with the financial system. And it has just taken a big step towards decentralizing this sector, freeing it from abusive quotas and making it more transparent.

This is an event that the crypto market has been waiting for for years and will see the new big bet of the cryptocurrency department of the analytics house.

Analysts ’optimism is heightened as DeFi looks at the benefits of the coins after the event. See some DeFi scorecards after the event:

The smallest on the list, HYDRO, increased its value by 10,000% and more than 100 times the money of those who invested in it after the year.

The leader of the peace class, on the other hand, gave a staggering 20,900% in less than a year. This means multiplying the money 210 times in 10 months. Or transform each one:

  • 100 reais were invested in R $ 21,000;
  • 1,000 reais were invested in R $ 210,000; and
  • Only 4,761 reais for R $ 1,000,000.

This is not a theoretical exercise. Those who invested in peace, for example, were able to turn a small amount into millions … a fortune for life.

But since past gains do not guarantee future returns, experts in Empiricus ’cryptocurrency department are now focused on finding the cryptocurrencies that have the greatest potential to deliver exponential gains.

And, in the opinion of the House of Review, unlike last time, Peace will not be the biggest beneficiary of the event.

Experts in the analysis house believe that this time there will be other cryptocurrencies that will allow you to convert a few thousand reals into a million in the short / medium term, as was the case with those who invested in Peace. And there is no shortage of basics for that to happen again.

Now they are ready to take off

After all, according to a study by Binance Research, DeFis grew by 2,300% to a total of one million users, as you can see in the table below:

The survey, which looks at the profile of crypto-investors, also shows that 66% of users surveyed already use DeFis services, with a strong presence in Southeast Asia.

According to the same study, the amount invested in the segment increased from $ 697 billion at the end of 2019 to $ 16 billion in 2020. More than 2,300% growth. Today, that number is over $ 40 billion.

If the average growth of the class is already frightening, the rise is even more shocking when we take specific cases. See what happened a week ago with the only DeFi top-ranked coin.

In 24 hours, it grew by less than 58,000%, which is 580 times more in a single day. Let it be clear that this is not the case The cryptocurrency that Empiricus will reveal on the 29th of this month.

But, as I said, movements are happening very fast in this market and this is even more pronounced in the bullish cycles we are now experiencing. Large investors are starting to “leave” Bitcoin and Ethereum to smaller, less expensive cryptocurrencies.

It’s time to dump her and move on.

The good news is that you can join this movement from the beginning. After all, as I said before, the magic of this market is to pocket significant returns in a short amount of time through innovative and groundbreaking projects.

To access the stream and see the appearance of the first coin in the list in real time, all you have to do is click on the link below and register for the plan event. Millionaire with Crypto DeFi. It’s free and can change your life.

Remember that you don’t need $ 5,000 to invest in your new Empiricus bet. This is an estimated amount to reach one million, but if you want to start with less, there is no problem. There is no minimum or maximum amount to invest in them. The potential is multiplied by 200 times the amount invested.

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