The Ball Market moves R $ 5.8 billion; see the 10 most expensive clubs

The finalists of the last edition of the Champions League decided to invest heavily in Mercado da Bolan to continue to occupy the positions of the best European football teams today.

Real Madrid, the current owner of Orelhuda, and Liverpool, who were defeated by the Spaniards in the decision two weeks ago, are the two clubs that have spent the most at the beginning of the transfer window.

Together, they accounted for almost 15% of the total volume of money raised from player purchases and loans for the 2022/23 season. To date, this figure is around 1.1 billion euros (R $ 5.8 billion).

Liverpool invested a little more in reinforcements: 80.9 million euros (R $ 427.2 million). 75 million euros (R $ 396 million) for the signing of Uruguayan striker Darwin Núñez (former Benfica) and another 5.9 million euros (R $ 31.2 million) for the Portuguese Fábio Carvalho (former Fulham).

But Real is not far behind. With French midfielder Aurélien Tchouaméni (formerly of Monaco), the most expensive player in this transfer window, he spent 80 million euros (R $ 422.4 million).

English is one of the top 10 clubs in 2022/23. In addition to Liverpool, Manchester City (3rd), Aston Villa (5th) and Leeds United (6th) also appear in the standings. Also on the list are Real, one German (Borussia Dortmund), two French (Olympique de Marseille and Paris Saint-Germain) and two Italians (Juventus and Napoli).

Last year, due to the economic impact of the covid-19 pandemic, the June / July / August Pelota Market moved “only” 4 billion euros (R $ 20.9 billion) and has had modest results since 2014. / 15.

England is the only European elite country that has already opened its transfer window. In the Premier League, the signing of reinforcements for the 2022/23 season began last Friday, June 10th. Germany, Spain, France and Italy have chosen to keep the regular date and will release the business on July 1st.

Despite initial disagreements, the five major national championships on the Old Continent will keep the market open until the same day: September 1st. Then clubs will only be able to register athletes who are no longer in the contract, who are not affiliated with any of the teams.

In Brazil, where the window is exclusive for the arrival of foreign players (international transfers), the next suitable period for transactions is from July 18 to August 15.

The 10 most expensive clubs in the window

1 – Liverpool (ING): 80.9 million euros
2 – Real Madrid (ESP): 80 million euros
3 – Manchester City (ING): 60 million euros
4 – Borussia Dortmund (ALE): 55 million euros
5 – Aston Villa (ENG): 54.5 million euros
6 – Leeds United (ENG): € 45.8 million
7 – Olympique de Marseille (FRA): 43.4 million euros
8 – Juventus (ITA): 40 million euros
9 – Paris Saint-Germain (FRA): 38 million euros
10 – Naples (ITA): 36 million euros

Top 10 most expensive boosters

1 – Aurélien Tchouaméni (FRA, Real Madrid): 80 million euros
2 – Darwin Núñez (URU, Liverpool): 75 million euros
3 – Erling Haaland (NOR, Manchester City): 60 million euros
4 – Federico Chiesa (ITA, Juventus): 40 million euros
5 – Nuno Mendes (POR, Paris Saint-Germain): 38 million euros
6 – Brenden Aaronson (USA, Leeds United): € 32.8 million
7 – Diego Carlos (BRA, Aston Villa): 31 million euros
8 – Karim Adeyemi (ALE, Borussia Dortmund): € 30 million
9 – Joaquín Correa (ARG, Inter Milan): 23.6 million euros
10 – Jérémie Boga (BEL, Atalanta): 22 million euros
TOTAL: 1.1 billion euros

The 10 most expensive in Brazil

1 – Diego Carlos (Aston Villa-ING): 31 million euros
2 – Philippe Coutinho (Aston Villa-ING): 20 million euros
3 – Willian José (Betis-ESP): 10 million euros
4 – Matheus Henrique (Sassuolo-ITA): 8 million euros
5 – Samuel Lino (Atlético de Madrid-ESP): 6.5 million euros
6 – Fernando (Red Bull Salzburg-AUT): 6 million euros
7 – Luiz Henrique (Betis-ESP): 5 million euros
8 – João Klauss (City of St. Louis-USA): 3.2 million euros
9 – Mikael (Salernitana-ITA): 2.7 million euros
10 – Tiago Volpi (Toluca-MEX): 2.5 million euros

Source: Transfermarkt

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