The 6 main dangers of metaberse and how to protect them

Playing with Metaverse VR virtual reality game, men and women take control of metaverse virtual digital technology games with VR goggles

Technology giants, through metaverse, aim to offer a new way to interact in the virtual world. Using advanced resources such as augmented reality and artificial intelligence, they will be able to live together in digital environments through avatars and perform real-world tasks such as shopping, working, searching for information, buying virtual land, among others.

According to “The Metaverse and the Virtual Economies of Web 3.0” report, Grayscale, the world’s largest crypto asset manager, could generate more than $ 1 trillion in annual revenue. current budget).

However, all of these beneficial developments can pose many risks to users and society. Here are 6 risks of metabersion and how to protect it:

  1. Violation of privacy

  2. Reality distortion and impact on self-esteem

  3. Blockchain issues

  4. Circulation of fake news and conspiracy theories

  5. Risks to children

  6. type blows catfish

Violation of privacy

The idea of ​​a metaverse depends on complementary and specialized hardware to establish connections between the user and the virtual world. As with mobile phones, these new devices may have some sensors that are able to collect user data, opening up space to store personal information of Internet users.

In addition to gathering information, there is also concern about the potential leaking and retrieval of such data by third parties.

It’s important to keep in mind, for example, not to publish information publicly and to try to keep your data as private as possible so that you can have a private and secure experience with technology.

Reality distortion and impact on self-esteem

The metaverse can become a space for user-friendly screenings. That is, one of the attractions of the concept is that it is a virtual living environment where the user can create their own 3D avatar, either by depicting themselves or creating a fictional character.

This ability can make room for people with self-esteem problems to use their virtual environment to demonstrate an idealized and “perfect” version of themselves. This would affect the perception that these individuals have of themselves in the real world and exacerbate existing distortions.

Blockchain issues

Many of Metabertso’s information and assets will be stored in decentralized blocks to allow for transactional and user privacy. At the same time, this will make all these assets volatile, and if they are stolen, the difficulty of recovery can also be a problem.

In this situation, some measures can be taken to prevent fraud. Not sharing information with third parties and always accessing safe and reliable computers are behaviors that can prevent risks.

Circulation of fake news and conspiracy theories

Problems affecting conventional social media, such as spreading fake news and spreading conspiracy theories, can also appear in the metaverse. And there are already examples of this on connected virtual reality platforms. Among other things, making racist speeches when an avatar representing a minority group appears, using figures that refer to Hitler or members of the Ku-Klux-Klan.

Without proper regulation, metabersive experiences — an environment that is far more complex than today’s social networks — can contribute to a much more disturbing spread of hate speech and the spread of fake news.

Risks to children

Interactions between children and other users in a meta-verse environment can lead to experiences of child abuse or access to inappropriate content, as well as the Internet in general. The difference is that the virtual ecosystem provided by the metaverse can involve an interaction very close to reality.

It is important to always take parental control measures, where available, and to prevent children from entering the metaverse without supervision.

type blows catfish

People give the identity of others, play the famous catfish (a deceptive type of activity where a person creates a false identity on social media) and stalking can occur in the metaverse.

In this case, it’s important to identify who you’re talking to in the metaverse, while also keeping in touch in a non-virtual environment.

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