The 221,000 inhabitants of Petropolis are dependent on SUS

At least 70% of the city’s population is dependent on SUS alone. There are 221,000 inhabitants of Petrópolis who do not have access to the private network or health plans. The situation has worsened in recent years. In 2018, there were 92,000 people without health insurance in the city. After almost four years, that number has dropped to about 85,000. By 2018, more than 44,000 people in previous years were unable to maintain their health plans and had already migrated to the public system. However, the supply of public health services is not growing to meet all this demand. The council has three UPAs, which are “fixing” the emergency door, but the challenge is still to expand basic health, so much so that these emergency units are often sought as “outpatients”. The issue was discussed this week in the City Council.

Red alert

The red alert is almost purple (the number of people waiting for exams (10 thousand) and specialized care (15 thousand) in SUS Petropolis. The council’s health data was presented to councilors in a public session assessing it from January to April at a meeting required by law. The pandemic demand has been suppressed and due to the floods in February and March, but also due to the lack of the system, urgent action is needed to solve the problem. Because what is not treated now, after examinations and consultations with specialists, becomes a chronic disease and more costs with hospitalizations and emergencies. In addition to its social and humanitarian nature, of course.


And the municipal government will move several public offices to Hipershopping, Alto da Serra, such as the Department of Economic Development and the Entrepreneurship Space. It solves two problems: the inadequate area in the Barão do Rio Branco Administration Center (so much so that the secretariat worked at the Rua Teresa Fashion Center) and the mall more often and with the opportunity to grow businesses.

Tribune FM is so much more your wave in Baixada Fluminensen too! the direction of the group tribune he paid a special visit to the region in honor of the companies linked to the audience by the waves. Here, with Francisco de Orleans and Bragança CEO, Tribuna team: Norberto Mello, Claudia Queiróz and Guilherme Martins, in addition to journalist Mário Mascheroni. It was a fruitful interview with businessman Walceyr Almeida and publicist Danielle Vitorino, who showed the connection of the listeners of Baixada and the Metropolitan Area with Tribuna FM, which came as the best brand option in 88.5!


The parties, as good people, let us explain a standstill to unsuspecting candidates – especially deputies, state and federal, who are running for the first time. Forget the vote you had for mayor in 2020. It can do zero. It’s a different election, with much more scattered votes. So the “I have so many votes” speech has no future.

Dudu 2024

Let’s sell at the same price we buy: Councilor Dudu wants to run for mayor in the next election.

This is not it!

We are happy to have Bauernfest this year, even if it is in August. But it will be hell. As the election campaign is in full swing, the candidates will be there daily. Hit him in the back.

an example of resilience

Mayor Hingo Hammes and Federal Deputy Hugo Leal can talk about the readjustment of the BR-040 road toll, which went to R $ 12.60, and the increase is not going down, no. The concessionaire is an example of resilience. He spent 20 years doing nothing for Petrópolis and no one (politicians) managed to bring the company down.

Castro Teresa Street

Governor Claudio Castro will be in the city today and on the agenda, in addition to participating in the national launch of the bicentennial celebrations of Independence, there are in Bairro Present, Alto da Serra, the start of operations and the announcement of more works. in the city.

Where is the cathedral here? Calm down people! It was just the dandelion that covered everything yesterday evening. João Vitor Brum clicked on us.

more events

Finally, they have seen that the Itaipava Exhibition Park can be used for full-time events. So much so that now on the 17th, the Winter Festival will be confirmed as an attraction for Thiaguinho and Pedro Sampaio. Just knowing how the municipal government charges for the “rent” of the space and how the money is used to improve the area itself.

Are there any gaps

Petrópolis has 60 of the 1,200 places in free distance learning offered by Senac RJ. Jobs are offered through the Senac Free Program for people with a minimum per capita income between the two. Applications must be made through the program’s website by Monday.

Rallya Fazenda Inglesan

The residents of Vargem Grande da Estrada da Fazenda English have asked us for help here. It is the main access point for residents of the region, for visitors to the Vale do Amorera, as well as for school buses. But there, only half of the street is paved and maintained. The remaining 1.5 kilometers are worth the rally.

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