Payment View brings together experts in payment innovation

New payment methods are a hot topic at the moment. According to the federal government, in February this year, R $ 1.1 billion was transferred using Pix. Cryptocurrency transactions also continue to grow. Worldwide, $ 20.8 trillion was transacted through this system in 2021, an increase of 567%, according to research published in the Crypto … Read more

Is it worth renovating? Experts explain switching from Windows 10 to 11

Posted on 5/14/2022 at 7:00 p.m. Systems analysts believe that Windows 11 has design advantages, but overall it doesn’t change much compared to Windows 10 – (Credit: Outreach) As with any major version of the operating system, a lot of attention was paid to Windows 11 in Brazil at the end of last year. The … Read more

Global investment in digital marketing is expected to grow by 14.7% in 2022

Every year, new trends emerge for the digital marketing sector, presenting the creation of technological innovations as a solution to the new “pains” brought by companies. This means that investment in the field continues to grow exponentially, season to season: The CMO Survey forecasts that in 2021 there will be an average of 14.7% growth … Read more

Facebook owner wants to enter the financial market with a drop in users – 20/04/2022 – Mercado

Meta, Facebook’s parent company, has made plans to take virtual currencies, tokens and lending services into its apps while pursuing its financial intentions, despite the collapse of a cryptocurrency launch project. The company, led by CEO Mark Zuckerberg, is looking for alternative sources of revenue and new features that can attract and retain users as … Read more

Games: F1 NFT game ends – 12/22/2022 – Market

This is the edition of the Combo, Folha games bulletin. Would you like to receive your email every Monday? Register below. combination Folha’s newsletter is all about what’s important about the gaming industry and tips on what you’ll still play. After selling millions of reais in the NFT and attracting thousands of people in search … Read more

The Global Titans are hosting the world’s first paid NFT sporting event live from the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah helipad on May 14, 2022.

ROQUMedia: This press release includes multimedia. See the full press release here: Mayweather Global Titans Poster (Photo: AETOSWire) FLOYD MAYWEATHER: The Global Titans Fight Series has announced that the WORLD’S FIRST NFT SPORTS EVENT will provide access to paid live streaming via the NFT card. The introduction of Global Titans NFT is a … Read more

NFT games promise easy money, but are as dangerous as day trading; understand – 2022/02/18 – Tec

As NFTs expanded, games that used cryptocurrencies became more common in their virtual economies. Play-to-earn games attract attention for their promise of easy money, but in the end they look like a kind of low-paying job, according to experts. To access many of these games, the user has to face an initial hurdle, which is … Read more

Blockchain can be a path to full, universal and unrestricted democracy in 2022 – 2022/09/01 – Mercado

The year 2021 has taken the world back to life after being “intubated” by a pandemic. The people who took to the streets after experiencing compulsory hibernation were no longer the same. New habits developed were maintained, as well as an implanted chip, which predicted man for 2.0 years. The virtual world has imposed itself … Read more