Games: F1 NFT game ends – 12/22/2022 – Market

This is the edition of the Combo, Folha games bulletin. Would you like to receive your email every Monday? Register below. combination Folha’s newsletter is all about what’s important about the gaming industry and tips on what you’ll still play. After selling millions of reais in the NFT and attracting thousands of people in search … Read more

NFT games that have already killed and damaged thousands

NFT games came with everything, dominating a part of the market and even attracting the attention of big business. With so many titles being created, although major franchises have also entered the NFT world, many players have felt an interest in combining fun and profit. Since NFT games offer different ways to make a profit, … Read more

NFT, Bitcoin, Pix … Discover the next steps in the digital economy Economy

1Billion Writing Financial Education Economy It wasn’t a long-term savings account, it was literally a small book in which savings were recorded. Too many years ago we paid almost all major expenses by check. Since then, credit cards, contactless payments, QR codes, digital wallets, Pix have been created. Digitization, experts say, is not over. On … Read more

NFT games promise easy money, but are as dangerous as day trading; understand – 2022/02/18 – Tec

As NFTs expanded, games that used cryptocurrencies became more common in their virtual economies. Play-to-earn games attract attention for their promise of easy money, but in the end they look like a kind of low-paying job, according to experts. To access many of these games, the user has to face an initial hurdle, which is … Read more

NFT games attract Brazilian players by increasing interest in cryptocurrencies – Época Negócios

+ NFT games attract Brazilian players with greater interest in cryptocurrencies (Photo: NurPhoto / Getty Images) The Token Diffuser (NFT) market has grown exponentially, and one of its aspects is video games that promise to reward digital assets that can be exchanged for traditional currency by users, which has caught the attention of players, including … Read more