Is it worth renovating? Experts explain switching from Windows 10 to 11

Posted on 5/14/2022 at 7:00 p.m. Systems analysts believe that Windows 11 has design advantages, but overall it doesn’t change much compared to Windows 10 – (Credit: Outreach) As with any major version of the operating system, a lot of attention was paid to Windows 11 in Brazil at the end of last year. The … Read more

The DrumWave startup wants to centralize the sale of personal data

Data gives money and power to technology giants, and that’s the reality of launching it DrumWave try to change. Founded in 2015 in California, USA by Colombian Santiago Ortiz and Brazilian Alberto Blumenstein and André Vellozo, the company wants people to be in control of its information to make money. The company works in a … Read more