How the LaMDA works, Google’s artificial brain has been “accused” by an engineer of being conscious.

Alicia Hernandez @post_post – BBC News World Posted on 6/17/2022 at 5:21 PM LaMDA is an artificial brain located in the cloud. Her feed is made up of millions of texts and she trains herself – (credit: Getty Images) A machine of thought and consciousness. This is how Google engineer Blake Lemoine defined LaMDA – … Read more

Google denies knowing that chatbot is aware – 12/22/2022 – Tec

Google sparked a social media storm over the nature of consciousness by placing an engineer on paid leave after a tech group chat bot “took over” after making its assessment public. [“Sentient” —a palavra em inglês usada pelo engenheiro— tem mais de uma acepção em dicionários como Cambridge e Merriam-Webster, mas o sentido geral do … Read more

See the technological trends for 2022: vegetable meat, web 3.0 and the battle of ‘Big Tech’ – 12/07/2021 – Tec

The world of technology offers a lot of promise for 2022: Waymo (Google) will continue to test driverless vehicles in several U.S. cities, and Facebook — now Meta — will move forward in the construction of the metaverse, a parallel universe of virtual reality. . Here’s how technology can change your life next year. Vegetable … Read more