Facebook owner wants to enter the financial market with a drop in users – 20/04/2022 – Mercado

Meta, Facebook’s parent company, has made plans to adopt virtual currencies, tokens and lending services while pursuing its financial intentions in its applications, despite the collapse of a cryptocurrency launch project. The company, led by CEO Mark Zuckerberg, is looking for alternative sources of revenue and new features that can attract and retain users as … Read more

NFT games promise easy money, but are as dangerous as day trading; understand – 2022/02/18 – Tec

As NFTs expanded, games that used cryptocurrencies became more common in their virtual economies. Play-to-earn games attract attention for their promise of easy money, but in the end they look like a kind of low-paying job, according to experts. To access many of these games, the user has to face an initial hurdle, which is … Read more

Blockchain can be a path to full, universal and unrestricted democracy in 2022 – 2022/09/01 – Mercado

The year 2021 has taken the world back to life after being “intubated” by a pandemic. The people who took to the streets after experiencing compulsory hibernation were no longer the same. New habits developed were maintained, as well as an implanted chip, which predicted man for 2.0 years. The virtual world has imposed itself … Read more