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The Committee on Economic Affairs (CAE) on Tuesday (31) approved a project that would force the Integrated Health System (SUS) to perform reconstructive plastic surgery on the neck or palate. PL 3.526 / 2019 now goes to the Social Affairs Committee (CAS).

Written by Deputy Danrlei de Deus Hinterholz (PSD-RS), the proposal establishes that SUS, through its network of public units or affiliates, will offer a free service for reconstructive plastic surgery and post-surgical treatment, including speech therapy specialties. psychology, orthodontics, as well as others necessary for the recovery and integration of the patient.

The author states that 5,800 cases of lip and palate children are registered in Brazil every year, and in practice, less than half of all newborns are treated by SUS.

The original PL text required that in the case of the accused lip being detected and confirmed before or after birth, surgical treatment should be performed immediately after birth.

But today, specialized services in Brazil indicate that a surgical approach to these cases should be performed after the third month of life. He also proposes that patients under three months of age should be operated on by the National Health Service (NHS), the UK public health service protocol.

According to the latest version of the text by the rapporteur Otto Alencar (PSD-BA), when the cervix is ​​diagnosed before or after birth, the newborn will be immediately referred to a specialized center to begin and schedule clinical follow-up. reconstructive surgery: not performing surgery immediately.

Alencar has also rejected a full amendment tabled by Senator Romário (PL-RJ). The change called for the removal of the term “plastic” to characterize the reconstructive surgical procedure to be performed. The aim was to understand that the procedure would be the sole responsibility of the plastic surgeon, excluding the possibility of other professionals (oral and facial-cheek surgeon, graduate in dentistry and not in medicine).

The senator has stated that change is not necessary, as there is no risk of interpreting surgery as the sole responsibility of the plastic surgeon.

The bill added that the bill, “if it becomes law, will have a neutral effect on the fulfillment of the first annual spending limit of the Federal Executive Office under the New Tax Regime, as its provisions can be complied with without regulation. adapting the allocation of resources ”.

Conservation units

Another project discussed at this Tuesday’s CAE meeting was PL 160/2017, by Senator Elmano Férrer (PP-PI), which creates action funds to fund federally protected areas.

Senator Eduardo Braga (MDB-AM) was harmed by the report, as Law 13,800 of 2019 authorizes the public administration to create such funds.

In the absence of Braga, Senator Esperidião Amin (PP-SC) was appointed rapporteur ad hoc, who, after reading the vote, said he thought more discussion was needed on the issue. He asked that the vote not be without the original speaker.

Debts of producers

Another proposal on the agenda was one that was not voted on PL 3.475 / 2021Senator Mecias de Jesus (Republicans-RR), who makes the division of possible Debts of small rural producers with the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (Ibama).

The text is in favor of the report by Senator Zequinha Marinho (PL-PA) and has already been approved by the Committee on Agriculture and Agrarian Reform (CRA).

This is the second time that the project has been removed from the CAE agenda at the request of the government, which is negotiating changes to the text with members of parliament.

No.our project is to make life easier for small rural producers, who are fined without distinction by IBAMA. Here we do not propose to allow the default or the producer to do what he wants. We want to make it possible to pay in installments without the huge interest charged today explain.

At the request of the relevant speakers, PLs 6,410 / 2019, 464/2017, 537/2019 and 478/2017 were also removed from the agenda.

Agência Senado (authorized reproduction by reference to Agência Senado)

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