Street Fighter 6 will arrive on PS4 and PS5 in 2023; gameplay, characters, commentators and more

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Appearing in today’s State of Play, Street Fighter 6 will be released in 2023. Experience a new era of Street Fighter with elegant mechanics to showcase your creativity, lively characters and new ways to re-imagine the fighting game experience. Street Fighter is full of 6 content and more ways to play for everyone, people who are new to the fighting community or who have been part of Street Fighter since its release in 1987.

Produced for 35 years, the Street Fighter franchise has opened its doors to fans around the world with a variety of gaming experiences. Arcade mode, online games, Practice mode, local versus and more (all found in Fighting Ground), we are including previous title modes, as well as two new modes called World Tour and Battle Hub for Street Fighter 6. with the goal of providing a unique gaming experience.

A classic Street Fighter made for the modern era

After a preview trailer in February, we anticipated a more realistic look for Street Fighter 6. We’re proud to be developing this new franchise game on Capcom’s RE Engine, which is used to create Resident Evil 7, Resident Evil Village, and Resident Evil Village. With Devil May Cry 5. With RE Engine, you will see better graphics in all aspects of the game. Sweat grains will go down the skin, muscles will tighten when used, and cherry petals will shake and rotate as the characters move. Combine this graphic enhancement with stunning colors and stunning graffiti patterns and the result is the unique art style of Street Fighter 6.

Meet the first characters

And what is Street Fighter without its iconic character? Ryu, Chun-Li and Luke Street Fighter have returned to 6, all remodeled for this new era. Jamie is new to the list and has added his own style with a bunch of unpredictable punches, otherwise known as drunk fist style, which includes breakdancing and a ki-release drink.

Luke uses his experience as an employee of a private military company to teach mixed martial arts. He spends his days eating unhealthy foods, playing video games, and challenging his opponents to a good fight of the past. However, he always has the victory in hand.

Click selection:

  • DDTa – Overdrive (OD) A powerful shot that is activated after the first blow of a Flash Knuckle. It is useful when you want to insure a little more damage.
  • deadly shooting – Attack with a shock wave after an OD Sand Blast to deal more damage after the projectiles are fired.

Jamie is a Chinese peacemaker who wants to follow in the footsteps of Yun and Yang, the Twin Dragons. Jamie, an expert dancer, puts justice and friendship above all else, defending her city with martial arts.

Click selection:

  • The Devil Inside – Jamie takes a sip of his drink, which releases him to increase his drink level. Higher levels unlock additional moves.
  • Light diving (drink level 1+) – As he jumps forward, Jamie stretches his leg and quickly steps on the ground. It is useful as a surprise attack or as a way to approach.

Ryuk continues to train in search of true strength. Well behaved and honest, he is looking for decent opponents around the world. After overcoming Satsui no Hado, he is now looking for something bigger.

Click selection:

  • Hashogeki – Ryuk concentrates the ki in his palms and shoots it as a short-range shot. Useful after defending and using combinations.
  • Denjin Position – Ryuk puts the power of Nothing in his fists, enhancing special moves like Hadoken and Hashogeki. Ryu is vulnerable when using this movement, so it is important to use it at the right time.

Chun-Li is a former Interpol (International Police Organization) agent. He now takes care of Li Fen, a victim of the Dark Moon Incident in Street Fighter V. Defeated by Shadaloo, Chun-Li teaches kung fu and has become beloved by the local community.

Click selection:

  • Tensho Kicks – Chun-Li jumps into the air and releases several kicks. It is useful for resisting a opponent’s jump attack or ending a combination.
  • Serenity Stream – Chun-Li shifts to a fighting stance, where he bends over and stands still. While in this position, Chun-Li’s ordinary attack buttons change.

A system of struggle that encourages creativity

With each new Street Fighter, we present the mechanics you can master to get to the top. We present to you Drive, a bar to be carefully managed and filled with options. You can use Drive Gauge to apply five different techniques that can easily improve your attack or defense.

Drive Impact is a powerful blow that can absorb the opponent’s attack and can cause a wall shot. Use Drive Parry to ward off enemy attacks and reload your Drive BarDriving meter. Let Drive Parry or a normal attack with a Drive Rush to quickly approach your opponent. Overdrive Arts are similar to the EX moves from previous games that strengthen your special moves. Use Drive Reversal to counterattack and get out of difficult situations. One bar, five techniques, infinite possibilities. Use your creativity to choose which technique you want to use and when. You have control!

Drive overview

Modern control style for everyone

For those who find the gameplay to be too complicated and want to release the inner fighter, we have a solution as a new control-style option. First of all, it’s the Classic Control Style that can be used by the experienced, with a six-button design. It’s a new Modern Control Style in Street Fighter 6 that allows for simple commands where a special movement can be applied by combining the “Special Movement” button with an arrow button. This is perfect for new players or those who find classic commands a bit difficult. With a modern control style, your characters can apply the most elegant (and most powerful) attacks by pressing a few buttons. A modern style of control is optional, but we definitely recommend trying out new players!

Match comments in real time

Finally, we are pleased to announce a new feature that will add to the excitement of a competitive game. These are real-time comments. We are working with FGC (Fighting Games Community) narrators and other well-known faces to get their voices directly into the game! As they enter a match and the fight progresses, their voices will tell what is happening on the screen as if it were a real tournament. In addition to adding adrenaline, this feature will also provide easy-to-play explanations. This will help anyone new to Street Fighter to better understand the mechanics to be used in future fights! Real-time comments will be subtitled in 13 languages ​​for greater availability. The first amazing narrators involved are Vicious and Aru! We will report on the rest of the actors in the future.

Discover a new world

Let’s talk a little bit about the two basic new modes you saw in the last trailer: World Tour and Battle Hub. The World Tour is an immersive single-player story mode that transcends the boundaries of a fighting game and allows you to leave your legacy in Street Fighter 6 with your player’s avatars. And while Battle Hub (briefly shown at the end of the trailer) seems like just a space to play online, it also offers new and unique ways to get involved and communicate. Both modes need more detail in the future and we can’t wait to discuss them in more depth.

That’s what we mean by “Your moment. Your fight. ” Whether it’s new and wide-ranging ways, whether it’s to enhance your experience with specific options or drive system options, Street Fighter 6 is the future of the fighting genre. The game will be available in 2023 for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4! (Shh, did you see anything at the end of the Battle Hub screen?).

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