Stephen Curry’s 43 points help him win the Golden State Celtics in the NBA Finals

BOSTON – After three games, the NBA Finals finally got the nail biting.

He has won every game Golden State has played since losing in this year’s playoffs, and has made it back to the 4th game of the NBA Finals.

On Friday night in front of a hostile crowd in Boston, Golden State drew 2-2 with Celtics and regained a home court advantage. Golden State won, 107-97, with 43 points from Stephen Curry, 18 from Klay Thompson and 17 from Andrew Wiggins.

As Golden State increased their lead in the final minutes of the match, Celtic fans began to leave. With Curry on the free-kick line with 19.1 seconds left in the game, the song “MVP” was heard on the top deck of the area.

The series returns to San Francisco for Game 5 on Monday, and Game 6 on Thursday in Boston

The crowd cheered as the Golden State players started to warm up before the game.

When Thompson appeared on the court an hour before the match, he was abused by a group of fans on the bottom boat. He recognized them with his arms and encouraged them to do it louder. A few minutes later Draymond Green appeared and an even louder boos exploded. Two nights earlier, Thompson had criticized the crowd for singing Green’s lewdness.

The Celtics came into the game with a 2-1 advantage in the series and intend to give Golden State its first consecutive defeats in this year’s playoffs. Ahead of Friday’s game, Golden State won five postseason games.

But Boston understood that a 3-1 lead could be the best in seven series.

“We understand we have a chance to do something special, put pressure on us tonight,” Celtic coach Ime Udoka said before the game. “You have to come out with the same mindset, understand that it’s a long series, a long game, don’t try to get everything in the first quarter, basically.”

The Celtics regained confidence in the way they played on Wednesday night.

“We have to repeat what we did in Game 3,” Celtic defender Marcus Smart said. “We have reduced our bills. We reduced the chances of the second chance, the offensive rebounds. We were the only ones in control of the game, the game we wanted to play.

Golden State made a change to the starting lineup for the first time in this series, replacing Kevon Looney with Otto Porter Jr.

This season’s playoffs have been characterized by blows, and the Celtics have played in several of them, including all three that reached the semifinals. Boston won Game 1 by 12 points, Game 2 by 19 and Game 3 by 16.

But at the beginning of Game 4, he promised that it could be a close game that would remain interesting until the end.

Curry and Boston’s Jayson Tatum scored 12 points in the first quarter, and Curry screamed in the crowd after hitting one of the two 3-pointers in the quarter.

The frame ended with Tatum passing the ball to Robert Williams III, who gave Grant Williams a 3 in the corner. Grant Williams ’3 gave Boston a 28-27 lead in the second quarter.

At the break, the scoreboard was changed six times by hand and the scoreboard was leveled five times.

It was the turn of Celtic defender Jaylen Brown to shine in the second quarter. He scored 10 points and Boston was nine points clear of Golden State when he was on the court that quarter.

Boston extended its lead at the break to 54-49.

Golden State wouldn’t go quietly, especially with no curry available. He had 33 points in the fourth quarter, up from 14 in the third.

The game was tied at 86 with eight minutes left.

Thompson received his fourth foul to end the game with a time of 5:33 and the crowd performed the same obscene song directed at Green in Game 3, but replaced “Draymond” with “Klay”. A minute later, Thompson’s 3-point shot gave Golden State a 95-94 lead. Boston only scored once in the final five minutes of the game.

After Game 3, there was some doubt that Curry would be available for Game 4 as he struggled with a loose ball that hurt his foot. Curry took part in the Golden State shootout on Friday morning and gave permission to play.

After Curry’s Friday night performance, the first question he asked Golden State coach Steve Kerr at a post-game press conference was how bad he thought he was holding Curry’s feet. Kerr laughed.

Thompson was also asked about Curry when he climbed to the podium after the first game.

“That man’s heart is unbelievable,” Thompson said.

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