Sport vs Guild LIVE (0-0) | 2022/06/13

20:50 10 minutes ago

⏱ ‘Part 1 numbers

20: 4712 minutes ago

47 ‘End of the first half

Sport 1×1 Guild.

20: 4613 minutes ago

45 ‘

Kayke faces Grando, but ends up missing a goal. Fortunately, the flag already indicated the irregular position of the attacker.

20:45 14 minutes ago

45 ‘Add-ons

Another two minutes, let’s get to 47.

20:43 17 minutes ago

41 ‘Yellow card

Biel receives a ticket for Sander’s absence.

20:40 19 minutes ago

39 ‘

ONLY FROM SPORTS! Juba tries a shot on goal, but it is off-target. The lion’s corner.

20:38 21 minutes ago

38 ‘

Giovanni risked another shot from outside the box, but Kannemann came and stopped the attacker. The ball goes for a goal kick.

20: 3722 minutes ago

36 ‘

WOW! The ball bounces off Giovanni and the ball bounces off the post.

20:35 24 minutes ago

34 ‘

Janderson takes a corner kick from Elkeson, which ends in a header. Mailson defends and keeps the ball.

20:34 25 minutes ago

34 ‘

Elkeson takes a direct free kick, but the shot goes wide of the goal.

20: 3227 minutes ago

32 ‘

Edilson kicks the ball from a distance, but the ball goes just wide of the post.

20:29 30 minutes ago

29 ‘

Once again Bruno Matias shoots from distance, the ball goes too high and goes out. Sports fans are encouraged at the Pernambuco Arena.

20:28 31 minutes ago

27 ‘

After a corner, Bruno Matias is sent off for an awful tackle.

20:27 32 minutes ago

25 ‘

Giovannik shoots from distance, but Rodrigues deflects it to a corner.

20:26 34 minutes ago

24 ‘

UUHH! After a side kick on the field of play, the ball is left to Edilson, who arrives with a first shot. The ball bounces off Mailson’s goal.

20:22 37 minutes ago

21 ‘Yellow card

Giovannik receives a card after Kannemanni is fouled.

20:21 38 minutes ago

20 ‘

After a short tussle with the defender, Grêmio finally tucked the ball home. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there.

20:20 39 minutes ago

19 ‘

IH MUTIL! The mane of the beautiful feather in Thiago Santos. He then overtook and missed Villasanti’s 46 shirt.

20:18 41 minutes ago

16 ‘Yellow card

Janderson receives a card after leaving his foot in debt to Bruno Matias.

20:17 42 minutes ago

15 ‘

IA! Janderson makes a good play and opens it to Nicolas. The winger arrives cross-legged about Elkeson. The ball bounces off the post and goes wide.

20:15 44 minutes ago

14 ‘

Juba picks up the edge of the area, dribbles to Villasanti, but catches the ball badly and ends up scoring.

20:15 44 minutes ago

13 ‘

Sander reaches the base, at the moment of the crossing, Rodrigues reaches the cover and goes to the corner.

20:13 an hour ago

12 ‘

Grêmio puts a lot of pressure on him and makes it difficult for Deportivo to get the ball out.

One hour ago 20:12

11 ‘

Jaderson dominated from the right, but Janderson, from Grêmio, came running and lost.

One hour ago 20:08

07 ‘

Janderson crosses to Elkeson, who fails to catch the ball and ends up punching him. The rest of the game is in the hands of Thiago Santos, who shoots over the defense and wins a corner.

One hour ago 20:05

03 ‘

Biel takes advantage of the defeat of Grêmio’s defense, risking from outside the area, but the shot comes out weak and the ball is in Maílson’s hands.

One hour ago 20:04

02 ‘

Bruno Matias was the first to reach the corner kick, but his header was blocked by the keeper.

One hour ago 20:02

01 ‘

Sander puts the ball inside the box, but Grêmio’s defense pushes it away. Lion fans are encouraged.

An hour ago at 8 p.m.


The ball is kicked out of play in Pernambuco.

19:53 an hour ago

⏱ ‘Pre-game

Teams with a field entry profile.

19:20 2 hours ago

⏱ ‘Pre-game

In warm-up teams, the ball is kicked in 40 minutes.

19:10 2 hours ago

The lion has risen!

19:04 2 hours ago

The tricolor has risen!

18:52 hours ago

⏱ ‘Pre-game

18: 522 hours ago

⏱ ‘Red and black taboo!

08:32 12 hours ago

When is the Sport vs Grêmio game and how to follow it LIVE?

08:27 13 hours ago

How and where to watch the Sport vs Guild game live

In addition to real time here VAVEL BrazilThe match between Sport x Guild will be broadcast live SportTV and Premiere.

08:22 13 hours ago


08:17 13 hours ago

Maybe Gremio’s lineup

08:12 13 hours ago

It’s likely the Sports lineup

08:07 13 hours ago

The state of the guild

08:02 13 hours ago

Sports condition

07:57 13 hours ago

Status of competing teams

The sport has 18 points and is in fourth place, while Botafogo is 5th with 17 points. The team is fighting for fourth place in the G4, with Vasco in third place with 24 points and Leão, who is fourth in the distance.

07:52 13 hours ago

Fight for G4

With “similar” campaigns, Sport and Brotherhood They are fighting for a place in the G4, and this Monday (13) they will measure their strengths for the match of the 12th day. Brazilian B SeriesArena in Pernambuco, 8 pm (from Brasília).

07:47 13 hours ago


Hello fans! Be aware of the situations of each group for confrontation soon. Follow the details, schedules and news live here on the small screen of VAVEL Brazil.

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