Spanish flu: 5 health habits that changed after the flu pandemic that devastated the world in 1918

  • Angel Bermúdez (@angelbermudez)
  • BBC News World

Credit, United States National Library of Medicine

It was such a traumatic event that no one wanted to remember it for half a century.

Influenza pandemic between 1918 and 1919 it was the largest in the world and one of the worst in human history.

Known as the “Spanish flu,” the disease has caused about 25 million deaths, but the actual number is estimated to be as high as 40-50 million.

“In the U.S. alone, 675,000 people were killed, or even more. It was a huge loss, but it can’t be separated from what happened with the First World War. These two events were completely linked.” says historian Kenneth Davis, author of the book More deadly than war (“More deadly than war”, free translation), BBC News Mundo (BBC Spanish service).

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