SHŌ Group Opens San Francisco Salesforce Park Restaurant and NFT-Based Global Club

The SHŌ Group (formerly the JSSK Group) has been highlighted today for announcing the long-awaited projects since it announced its first concession in September 2019.

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SHŌ Group Launches San Francisco-Based Salesforce Park and NFT-Based Club Restaurant (Photo: SHŌ Group)


The SHŌ Group is an experimental hospitality platform that develops communities, creating a unique experience for visitors in the concepts of haute cuisine, nightlife and retail food. His team is led by food and technology entrepreneur Josh Sigel and Shotaro (“Sho”) Kamio, an award-winning and renowned elite chef from Silicon Valley, who gave the group its name. Iyasare Restaurant – Kamio’s solo venture ventured to open Fourth Street in Berkeley in 2013 – was one of his best-known and most acclaimed projects. Salesforce, Erica and Jeff Lawson (CEO of Twilio), Craig Ramsey (Founder of Vlocity), Dan Springer (CEO of DocuSign) and Drew Houston (CEO of DropBox) are among the investors in the SHŌ Group. SHŌ Group has also partnered with Carlo Serafini and Ed Lambert of Bridge Bank in San Francisco Bay for banking needs.


SHŌ, the group’s first restaurant project, will present a never-before-seen culinary entertainment and nightlife experience in San Francisco Bay Area. The SHŌ Transbay Joint Powers Authority (TJPA) will sit on top of the Salesforce Transit Center, the newest site in downtown San Francisco. The restaurant is located on the roof of the Salesforce Transit Center, a true 5.4-acre public urban oasis. To honor and further enhance the restaurant’s world-class location, the SHŌ Group has teamed up with AvroKO, the San Francisco studio responsible for the world’s most iconic restaurants, and the Brand Bureau, AvroKO’s sister award-winning studio. and the creator of the SHŌ brand.


It will be as unique and incredible as the space surrounding the gastronomic experience. Chef Sho will offer a Japanese culinary tradition never seen before in the United States: the irori, a country house kitchen, which SHŌ plans to place around a 40-square-foot open kitchen, lit only with charcoal and wood, to prepare fresh local food. The rooftop Sky Lounge will feature a modern Japanese sushi bar, as well as snacks and small dishes. The SHŌ sushi offering will be led by Masaki Sasaki, a sushi master from San Francisco Bay and a Michelin-starred chef.

“SHŌ will be the culmination of my culinary creativity inspired by seasonality, simplicity and surprise. It is a privilege to place irori cuisine in a unique location in the United States, ”said Kamio. “It allows you to prepare umami-filled dishes that have captivated cooks with the fire that has been cooked by rural producers and ordinary people in Japan for centuries, fostering excellent dialogue and restoring the sense of community that the presence of fire gives.”

In addition to the restaurant concept, SHŌ Group announced SHŌ Market, a Japanese food market that will be located on the ground floor of the Salesforce Transit Center. Your customers will choose one of the bento boxes produced with fresh ingredients of the same quality found in SHŌ. SHŌ Market will also offer fresh salads, street food-inspired dishes, pre-packaged snacks, selected sake and a selection of handmade decorations.


SHŌ Group will soon be launching an exclusive non-fungal token (NFT) membership club that will provide members with immersive SHako Group platform experiences and access to specialized services, initially focused on SHŌ’s main restaurant. Offered as an NFT, SHŌ Club membership becomes an asset for members. It can be publicly verified on the blockchain and then sold or transferred to the secondary market. Using NFT supports the team’s mission to create communities that encourage people to get to know, grow, support, and connect, offering exponential value to members in the years to come.

The SHŌ Club will have three membership levels, all of which will provide access to a private menu and lounge for members located on the roof of the restaurant. An exclusive SHŌ Club concierge will be available to all members to offer priority reservations 24 hours a day, provide a courtesy car to enter and leave the restaurant and ensure that every moment of the SHŌ experience is relaxed and unforgettable. The membership course will bring additional benefits, such as designed omakase dinners with celebrity guests, tutor groups, and educational programming. The highest level of membership will provide privileges and will include a unique and carefully crafted trip to Japan that will provide you with unparalleled experience and unique access to locations that are not available to the general public. All first members of the SHŌ Club will be recognized as founding members and will have a single global access to lifelong access. Founding members will have access to all sites and experiences created by the SHŌ Group.

“The SHŌ Group seeks to challenge expectations and change perspectives with significant moments and interactions that rewrite hospitality standards,” said Josh Sigel, Executive Director of the SHŌ Group. “We are delighted to bring San Francisco Bay to the world-class culinary and nightlife experience as well as the SHŌ Club, one of the world’s most experienced NFT-based hospitality clubs. And it’s just the beginning of San Francisco.”

To learn more about the SHŌ Group or to become a member of the SHŌ Club, visit or follow us on Twitter at shoclubsf.


The SHŌ Group is a global experience-based hospitality platform that develops communities, creating a unique experience for visitors and guests in the concepts of dining, nightlife and retail. In 2023, the first set of San Francisco group experiences will be launched, SHŌ, a restaurant that bears its name and is located at the top of Salesforce Park, a landmark in the city of California; SHŌ Market, a Japanese food retail concept; and an exclusive non-fungible token (NFT) membership club that will provide members of the SHŌ Group platform with access to unique experiences and services, initially focused on its SHŌ restaurant.


TJPA Salesforce Park: 425 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94105 USA

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