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Santos has gone through a change in the past two months under manager Fabián Bustos. From the team that fought to not be relegated, for the second consecutive year, to the Paulista Championship, Peixe became one of the first in the Brazilian Championship. In addition, he is still alive in the Copa do Brasil and Copa Sudamericana.

THE ge Listed are five factors that have helped Santos grow over time and to keep, for now, the soul of another difficult year for the club and the fans.

Santos ’progress in the field is directly linked to Fabián Bustos. The coach arrived at the end of February with Peixe’s football recovery mission following the departure of Fábio Carille.

Earlier, the players focused attention on the Argentine’s training course. Intensity is the most striking point. In some respects, the captain’s job has been compared to Jorge Sampaoli, the last foreign coach to succeed in front of Peixe.

A new methodology that made the Santos squad, little by little, understood Fabián Bustos ’game proposal. Now, with the concepts already absorbed, the team is starting to create in the field what the coach has been asking for since the start of the job.

Fabián Bustos talks to Santos players – Photo: Bruno Vaz/Santos FC

Between the elimination of the Paulista Championship and the start of the Copa Sudamericana, Fabián Bustos has 17 days just to train. This is an important time for the coach to implement game ideas.

The activities are also used to relax athletes with greater physical load and leave the entire squad ready for the order of the games. In May, for example, Peixe faced nine games in three different competitions.

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In the middle of the month being overdue, the team was slightly injured. Recently, only Maicon and Ângelo had to stay in the medical department. The defender could now return against Goiás, this Sunday, in a match valid for the Brazilian Championship.

Angelo during Santos training – Photo: Ivan Storti/Santos FC

Santos ’progress will also go through the arrival of reinforcements. This season, five players have been hired: defender Maicon, midfielder Willian Maranhão and Rodrigo Fernández, and forwards Jhojan Julio and Bryan Angulo.

The new names elevate the quality of the Santos squad. Maicon has been a leader on and off the field, he has become a reference and has helped the evolution of other colleagues in the defensive sector, such as Eduardo Bauermann, who has recovered in good football from the start of the season.

Likewise, Rodrigo Fernández quickly became an undisputed starter. Uruguayan has solved a problem that has persisted since last year, with Alison’s departure: the position of first midfielder. Already nicknamed the pitbull fan, he shows, more than guts, he has a quality that can also help create games.

Also starting, Jhojan Julio was late in preparing for Santos. After conflicting performances, the Ecuadorian began adapting to Brazilian football and developing new games. Bryan Angulo and Willian Maranhão have been good options for Fabián Bustos to change the team if necessary.

Maicon during Santos training – Photo: Ivan Storti/Santos FC

If Fabián Bustos still struggles to win Santos by far, the story of his play at Vila Belmiro is different. Casa do Peixe was once again the trapdoor, where the team became a tough opponent to lose.

There were six games played at home and 100% success. The crowd, despite the limitations of the stadium, showed up and pushed the team. Against Coritiba, more than 13 thousand fans watched the Copa do Brasil classification.

At Vila Belmiro, the team scored 18 goals and scored only six. Casa do Peixe could be one of the properties for the team dreaming of longer season flights.

Vila Belmiro full of Santos vs Coritiba – Photo: Revelation/Santos FC

Since his arrival at the club, Fabián Bustos has said his mission has been to reclaim football some players who have been criticized by fans for their poor performances.

Always trying not to disclose situations, the coach works so that athletes like Sandry, Camacho, Felipe Jonatan and Gabriel Pirani, for example, can enjoy the best they have.

Even if he leaves some players in the “refrigerator”, as in the case of striker Rwan Seco, he manages to make sure it doesn’t discourage the player. And the process bore fruit. After seven unrelated games, Rwan returned to the team and scored two goals in the last three games.

Wrapped up, Santos returns to the field this Sunday to face Goiás, at 19h (GMT), in Goiânia, for the sixth round in Brasileirão.

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