See the CBLOL Second Stage signings

THE Riot Games this Friday (3) they released the second stage lineup officials CBLOL 2022both the main tournament and yes Academy. The league transfer period was extended from April 24 to May 25, and organizations can sign up for between 12 and 15 players who can be used in both leagues, in addition to their respective coaches.

CBLOL will return to the final round of the year on Saturday, June 11, in the face of clashes. RED CANIDS and paiN Gaming, First Stage Finalists. At the time, Pack won 3-2 and replaced the Brazilian region MSI 2022.

See the list of major teams below and the full lineup on the official LoL Esports website:

Los Grandes flandriarra

Image: Riot Games

O Flamenconow in collaboration The Great Ones At CBLOL, the casting strategy for the Second Stage changed a lot. Boal left the team alone, and was strengthened with two players for the starting lineup. Instead of Boal, we added Tay, a former LOUD, to the top of the group. In the jungle, one of the most important positions in the game, they hired South Korean Geum go. Thanks to this, the FLA has Korean players who are in charge of coordinating the rotations and macro in both teams, as they have been Kuri since the last leg of the First Stage.

  • Departures: Boal (Above)
  • Lunch: Tay (Above) and Geum go (Hunter)



Image: Riot Games

Despite not getting the long-awaited title, after picking up the star-studded actor, the Panthers maintained confidence in a team made up of fNb, Ranger, Envy, Neptune and RedBert, commanded by Maestro. PaiN Gaming knocked out the team at the top and future RED Canids champions at the bottom, still seen as one of the top contenders for the title, and they had no rest after the First Stage: the team left. It lasted just over a month for South Korea in the bootcamp, taking advantage of the fact that the best teams in the world would be in the Asian country for the MSI 2022 trial.

  • Departures: None
  • Lunch: None


With the significant decline in revenue since CBLOL joined the Franchise System in 2021, INTZ ended up finishing last in the 2022 First Stage, and the changes were immediate. The Australian Support Decoy left the team shortly after the tournament, and was replaced by a very important figure in the organization’s history, who was behind Jockster for a long time. The team also took on CBLOL Academy’s NOsFerus and Hidan to strengthen their team in search of better results.

  • departures: Decoy (help)
  • Lunch: Hidan (Top), NOsFerus (Center) and Jockster (Help)

KaBuM eSports

The Ninja surprised the scene by dominating CBLOL in the group stage, entering the playoffs as the tournament leader. However, the decline in performance in the final phase was worrisome. They beat RED Canids 3-0 in the first set, but fell into two apathetic sequences with paiN Gaming (3-0) and RED Canids (3-1), leaving First Stage players and fans with a bitter taste in their mouths. . Not wanting to get too confused with a team that has already shown potential, KaBuM made a simple change in shooting position by exchanging Disave with DudsTheBoy, who won the CBLOL 2020 First Stage organization.

  • Departures: Undo (sniper)
  • Lunch: DudsTheBoy


Freedom LOL

Image: Bruno Alvares / Riot Games

Liberty has already proven to be a long-term organization, and is not known for making major changes to its roster, especially among Splits. From 2020 until now, the only changes have been in the Top and Hunter positions, which were only made at the end of 2021. Liberty’s future champion RED Canids fought for life. The playoffs, which show the potential of the organization’s current actors. So the only addition was to raise the Horse to the main team, which gives the coaches another chance to use the Support position, which only Wos had.

  • Departures: None
  • Lunch: Horse (help)


There’s no way to smooth it out: LOUD’s First Step 2022 was disastrous. Before the start of the tournament, it was almost agreed that LOUD would be at least in the semifinals after Robo and the Tinowns were hired by PaiN Gaming stars in 2021, but the actors didn’t fit in, and it also charges a huge crowd that supports it. causing changes. Taylor and DudsTheBoy were removed, leaving Ceos as the sole member of LOUD’s first LoL list. LOUD was probably the “winner” of the transfer window, with the exception of South Korea’s Hunter Croc Netshoes Miners, one of the best players in the country’s current position. For Bot Lane, the rise of Brance and Vahvel’s Academy has also taken place.

  • Departures: Tay (Top) and DudsTheBoy (Sniper)
  • Lunch: Croc (Hunter), Brance (Sniper) and Vahvel (help)


While not talking about other organizations, the Miners never left the playoffs during the 2022 First Division. Two new and talented Marksmen from Drop and Celo and the Korean couple from Croc and DoRun, the team alone. He left something in the first and only playoffs, falling 3-0 to Liberty. Although Croc lost the regular phase MVP leader against LOUD, the team retained DoRun and moved to Sive Support instead of Hwak, as well as moving from Hugato Academy to Hunter position.

  • Departures: Croc (Hunter) and Hawk (help)
  • Lunch: Hugato (Hunter) and Sive (support)

paiN Gaming

paiN Gaming Fans

Image: Bruno Alvares / Riot Games

The first leg was very good for PaiN, all the details were missing for the Pack in the narrow 3-2 final that ended in the hands of RED Canids. At the start of the first stage, they seemed like a good team already, and they evolved more and more in the final stage, when they finally got their game plans and chemistry together. Even for the campaign, there was hardly any change in the team, and it remains the same looking for the fourth CBLOL championship.

  • Departures: None
  • Lunch: None

Kanido GORRIA Kalunga


Image: Bruno Alvares / Riot Games

Pack was the first organization in the history of CBLOL to win the Second Stage of one year and the First Stage in a row the following year, which proves once again that it was about maintaining a home-grown talent team. the best decision possible. With a sensible performance at MSI 2022, the actors are at a crucial moment to continue to dominate CBLOL and return to an international event for the third time in a row. There was no way out for the team, but getting to the top of Boal could be a great option if the team wants to change strategies. selections In some games above, creating greater strategic diversity.

  • Departures: None
  • Lunch: Boal (Above)

Rensga Sports

lol resga

Image: Riot Games

Despite showing good moments in the First Stage, Rensga was far from being the strength to reach the CBLOL Final in the 2021 Second Stage. The laps of Ayel and Minerva did not fit in, as did the Korean couple Hades and Guard. route below. As a result, Rensga changed a lot in the planning stage of the Second Stage, maintaining the second Korean pair of the year, Trap (Top) and Mocha (Support), and strengthening other positions, as well as being the only CBLOL team. his coach, bringing Nova from Turkey to lead the team.

  • Departures: Ayel (Above), Hades (Sniper) and Guard (Help)
  • Lunch: Trap (Above), Erasus (Hunter), Evrot (Middle), Vitin (Sniper), Mocha (Help) and Nova (Technician)

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