See next week’s vaccination schedule (30/5 to 3/6) for Covid-19, influenza (influenza) and measles.

Sorocaba City Council, through the Department of Health (SES), announces next week’s mixed vaccination program (5:30 to 6/3), which will immunize against Covid-19flu (The flu) and measlesin 33 UBS (Basic Health Units), city 9 a.m. to 3 p.m..

Vaccines against flu and measles will be applied in Monday (5/30), the fourth (1/6) and Friday (3/6). Now, vaccines against it Covid-19 will be available on the day the third (5/31) and Thursday (2/6).


The vaccine against Covid-19 for children (from the age of five), adolescents and adults will continue at 33 UBS a year. the third (5/31) and forward Thursday (2/6). Those who need to take any dose of the vaccine can attend on the day of the week indicated for this purpose, so that they can be immunized according to the calendar. Adults and adolescents must present their ID card, CPF and vaccine certificate of the dose already received.

in the case of kidsin the act of immunization, They must be accompanied by their parents or guardians and carry a Vaccination Card, identity card and CPF or SUS Card, all these documents in the hands of the child himself.

Parents or guardians of children with comorbidities or disabilities must also provide proof of their risk status (examinations, prescriptions, medical report, prescription or UBS registration).

Parents or guardians can access the website by up to 90% of the time the child is vaccinated against Covid-19.: and pre-register. The initiative aims to avoid congestion. If you can’t pre-register your baby, you can do the same at UBS.


The flu vaccine will be carried out in a gradual manner to serve all audiences calmly and without congestion. Next week, inside Monday (5/30), the fourth (1/6) and Friday (3/6) shall remain immunized as determined by the State Government, People aged 60 and over; health professionals; children aged six months to four years, 11 months to 29 days; pregnant and postpartum women; indigenous population; traditional quilombola communities; teachers, other education professionals, and school staff (canteen staff, education assistants, administrative assistants, student inspectors, cleaning assistants, among others); truckers; urban and long-distance road passenger transport staff; port staff; security and rescue forces; armed forces; prison system staff; the deprived population and adolescents and young people under socio-educational measures; people with disabilities and people with comorbidities (see list of comorbidities specified by the Ministry of Health).


The measles vaccine will be given Children aged six months to four years, 11 months to 29 days and health professionalshours Monday (5/30), the fourth (1/6) and Friday (3/6). Parents or guardians are essential in this process and must go to the immunization services with their children to take the child’s Immunization Card for evaluation and registration. The MMR vaccine applied in this campaign also protects against rubella and mumps, in addition to measles.

At the time of vaccination, this is the case It is mandatory to provide a photo ID and a vaccination card. in the case of health and education professionals, truck drivers, public road transport workers, port workers, security and rescue forces, armed forces and prison system workers, proof of employment is also required.. Yes, he has disabled must also be submitted report or medical report.

food collection

The vaccination will be in all the UBS participating in the campaign, #AFOMENAOEFAKE organized by the Social Solidarity Fund (FSS)! non-perishable food for the campaign. These items will be distributed to families in social vulnerability in the city. The donation is voluntary and open to all who wish to contribute.

See below for the next week (30/5 to 3/6) Covid-19, a mixed schedule of flu and measles vaccines:

27.05 3. vaccination schedule

27.05 Insertion Calendar 4

Vaccination sites

📍 UBS Angélica – Rua Major Silva Vilela, 27 – Vila Elza
📍 UBS Aparecidinha – Rua Joaquim Machado, 620 – Aparecidinha
📍 UBS Barão – Rua Afonso Muraro, 41 – Vila Barão
📍 UBS Barcelona – Calle Colombia, 253 – Vila Barcelona
📍 UBS Brigadier Tobias – Rua Ana Gomes Corrêa, 55 – Brigadier Tobias
📍 UBS Cajuru – Avenida Paraná, 3719 – Cajuru do Sul
BS UBS Carandá – Rodovia Emerenciano Prestes de Barros, SP 097, 3.757 – Estrada Sorocaba / Porto Feliz
📍 UBS Cerrado – Rua Visconde do Rio Branco, 885 – Vila Jardini
📍 UBS Eden – Rua Salvador Leite Marques, 933 – Eden
📍 UBS School – Comendador Pereira Inácio avenue, 500 – Jardim Vergueiro
📍 UBS Fiori – Rua André Manente, 20 – Vila Olímpia
📍 Habiteto UBS – Avenida Chico Xavier, 25 – Habiteto – Ana Paula Eleutério
📍 UBS Haro – Rua Aristides da Silva Lobo, 379 – Vila Haro
📍 UBS Hortência – Rua Teodoro Kaizel, 677 – Vila Hortência
📍 UBS Laranjeiras – Rua Sônia Bernúncio, 24 – Parque das Laranjeiras
BS UBS Lopes de Oliveira – Rua Riusaku Kanizawa, 795 – Lopes de Oliveira
📍 UBS Márcia Mendes – Rua José Augusto Rabello Junior, 91 – Jardim Vera Cruz
📍 UBS Maria do Carmo – Rua Joaquim Ferreira Barbosa, 727 – Jardim Maria do Carmo
📍 UBS Maria Eugenia – Rua Mário Romano, 264 – Jardim Maria Eugênia
📍 UBS Mineirão – Rua Tenente Érico de Oliveira, 110 – Vila Mineirão
📍 UBS New Hope – Rua Paula Mayer Cattini, 689 – New Hope Garden
📍 UBS Nova Sorocaba – Avenida Americana, 351 – Vila Nova Sorocaba
📍 UBS Paineiras – Rua Eliza Stefani Lamos, 130 – Parque das Paineiras
📍 UBS Rodrigo – Rual Alpheu Castro Santos, 220 – Lopes de Oliveira
📍 UBS Sabiá – Rua Dionízio Bueno Sampaio, 91 – Vila Zacarias
📍 UBS Santana – Rua Doutor Deodoro Reis, 150 – Vila Santana
📍 UBS São Bento – Avenida Doutor Gualberto Moreira, 1501 – Parque São Bento
📍 UBS Simus – Alameda dos Lírios, 327 – Jd. simus
📍 UBS Sorocaba I – Rua Doutor Américo Figueiredo, 3171 – Júlio de Mesquita Filho Housing Complex
📍 UBS Ulisses Guimarães – Rua Ferdinando Irineu Corra, 27 – Parque Vitória Régia
📍 UBS Vitória Régia – Rua Francisco da Silva Martins, 35 – Parque Vitória Régia
📍 UBS Wanel Ville – Rua Alexandre Caldini, 442 – Parque Ouro Fino

To find out which UBS is closest to your home, click here and enter our map.

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