See more news without comments from iOS 16

Yesterday, we brought here a number of new features from Apple’s new system, which went a little unnoticed in the middle of the conference. WWDC22.

And today, we’ll see some less talked about news from iOS / iPadOS 16 and up!


Remember to delete and edit “new stuff” (only in the Cupertino reality distortion field) messages. iMessage? Features will have limitations, of course. These changes can only be made after 15 minutes of submission and will take 30 days to recover deleted submissions.

There is also a solution to a problem that we have little contact with in Brazil. as shown 9to5MacThere was a disturbance with reactions to SMS messages. This is the ability to react to something sent by someone else, which usually works in iMessage, showing the chosen person the reaction (called Apple). knock).

However, in standard SMS, every time someone reacts, a message is sent describing the reaction (example: “Johns liked ‘I’m going.'”). This quickly turns into chaos in group conversations. As Google did, the iOS 16 Messages app will not send these descriptions, showing reactions as usual.

Sleep tracking on watchOS 9

on watchOS 9, as found by our collaborator Michel Duarte Correayou have to press Digital crown to get out of sleep mode. Previously, the piece had to be rotated to perform the same action.


As a software engineer Joachim Fornallaz By posting on Twitter, changes to a photo can be completely undone. In addition, the macOS Ventura 13 cutting tool will allow you to adjust the perspective.

Finally, another new feature introduced by iOS 16 is the detection of duplicate images. Those in this condition will appear in the albums section, as well as the option to merge the two into one. Communicator Brahm Shank showed how the feature is in the first beta of the system:

Something interesting added is a function that allows you to blur objects at the edges of what is in the middle of the photo. Thus, the subject of photography has a greater prominence, which can be done when capturing the moment, but it is not nice to be able to give this effect through software.

Content Producer Ben Geskin showed us the first results:

Apple Music and Spatial Audio

Apple’s music streaming service has made two embarrassing improvements. The first is to select an artist as a favorite and follow updates on it.

The second is an extension of the way songs are arranged in playlists. The older songs are at the top and the ones being added to the list are below. It was only possible to save this order, but with iOS 16 you can display songs by title, artist, album, or release date. 9to5Mac.

In terms of sound, the Spatial Audio feature (available on some AirPods Pro and some Max and Beats headphones) can be customized with TrueDepth support on iPhones with Face ID, as shown. Ben Geskin – How this affects our experience is still a mystery.

Buy domains in iCloud

our reader Vinícius Pinheiro Found the option to purchase iCloud domains. When choosing a domain, the system takes the user to the Cloudflare website, so there seems to be at least some collaboration with this service (they already work together on iCloud + Private Relay). But it’s interesting to see the integration of this feature, which is based on using the iCloud Mail domain.

Copy and paste permission

As of iOS 14, the system displays a warning when any application enters the device’s clipboard. In iOS, as it has been announced 9to5Macwith the permission of the user, a popup will appear to decide whether the app can paste the relevant information.

Copy / Paste in iOS 16

Since this is a beta version, the details are still unknown at this time, such as whether there will be more settings for the Adjustment feature. However, it’s interesting to see how these privacy options are advancing on iOS and other Apple systems.

Integrated currency converter

Live Text Function (live text) is becoming more and more intelligent, which will include a currency converter and other units. When you point to something that shows the price in a foreign currency, the function will already show you the equivalent in which currency the user is valid.

Align handwriting

Another interesting feature added, in this case on iPadOS, is handwriting to align with Apple Pencil or other similar add-ons. Once you have typed, you can select the text and select an option to improve the alignment, as shown in the published photos. MacRumors.

Align handwritten text on iPadOS 16Align handwritten text on iPadOS 16
Before and after

It’s not a miracle, but it’s nice.

small facilities

Each update involves an improvement in the quality of life, the novelty of which is easier to use without creating new features. And we have some of them around here.

The first one really comes from a new function. With iOS 16, the home screen indicator at the bottom will also serve as a shortcut to Spotlight. Then an option to remove it was added, he reported MacRumors.

Ability to disable the Spotlight shortcut on the iOS 16 home screen

In addition, people are added to a shared list in the Reminders app (Souvenirs) will receive notifications when one task is completed or another is added.

Also, as in the photos, an option to join contacts was added, as well as to show SIR.

Duplicate contacts in iOS 16's Contacts app

Ufa! Gradually, we see that Apple thought of several things at once. It’s true that many new features aren’t exactly … new, but it’s great to see iPhone and other Apple devices get different features and utilities.

Stay tuned for more features as they come along with us! ⁇

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