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In search of market reinforcements, the Corinthians, who will face Boca Juniors in the Libertadores knockout stage, are waiting for good opportunities to strengthen the squad. However, due to financial difficulties, the mission of closing new employees can be a difficult task. Therefore, the coach would have suggested the return of a striker who had little light on his time at the club.

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On the América-MG loan, Everaldo is in Vitor Pereira’s plans. As he saw the need to have more options in the offensive sector, the coach, according to journalist Jorge Nicola, suggested the return of the striker. However, the board has not made a decision about the player’s return, a scenario that will provoke protests among the people.

I asked for news and the man told me that Everaldo was in Corinthians ’plans. He was a Corinthian player, played for Timão and didn’t miss him. According to this man, Vitor Pereira is looking for side-field attackers who have this trait of good pace one-on-one, and he identifies Everaldo as a good alternative. His loan to América-MG ended in December and there was some opposition from the board regarding the name because they understood Everaldo was not good. I consulted with an América-MG official to find out if Coelho had already been consulted about the intent of the Corinthians to bring Everaldo back. No contact so far. The great fact is that the Corinthians did not decide whether to continue the story. ”said the reporter on his YouTube channel.


In addition, Nicola revealed that the Corinthians want to raise 8 million (R $ 40 million) for the transfer of 55% of João Victor’s rights. Even if Coimbra, which is linked to Banco BMG, has a remaining percentage, Timão could put his foot down and ask for a bigger “stake” in the amount if there is an offer of 12 million euros. Now, it remains to be seen if the projection will be fulfilled in any business of Benfica and Porto, interested in the athlete.


According to journalist Samir Carvalho, the board is aware of the problem involving Vitor Pereira and Róger Guedes. However, no exit signage was done behind the scenes. As a result, a sale is currently rejected.

The Corinthians did not speak to his agents thinking of a way out. Róger Guedes was advised to turn around and respond on the field. The Corinthians did not work with the possibility of selling the player, not wanting Róger Guedes to be fired. You don’t want to hear about it. Of course, if you paint a proposal, that’s a different story. The question of finding a club and the player wanting to leave, the Corinthians completely rejected! There was no poll and the agents did not take anything in relation to the interested parties. Nothing like that (from Atlético-MG) ”report to the reporter.


In addition, Samir Carvalho told details about the Corinthians ’desire to sell Luan. Without a vacancy with Vitor Pereira, the shirt 7 could be the target of an offer in the middle of the year, a scenario anxiously awaited by the board.

I spoke to the Corinthians and they did not deny me the status of (sale). I added: The Corinthians were mad at the arrival of this proposal, they ignored Luan. He was a burden for the Corinthians. Nor does he stay at the bank. The Corinthians wanted to negotiate with Luan. When he paints a question, the Corinthians can’t wait for it to happen with an official proposal. There is an interested club and Luan doesn’t want to stay with Corinthians, but he doesn’t want to open for R $ 800 thousand (per month). It has it all for the next window to see the end of this soap opera ”said the communicator.


Due to the delay in payment of R $ 18 million, the Corinthians decided to sue Taunsa in court. According to a publication on, the company offered to pay in installments, but Timão did not accept the deal, because the amount had to come in cash. Now, let’s see if the court’s action will ensure the debt is paid off.


Assigned to Panathinaikos, Mateus Vital, according to Lance !, became the target of the polls. In this scenario, the Corinthians set up an amount of 4 million euros (R $ 20.3 million) for the sale of 50% of the athlete’s rights. If no offer is made, the midfielder may still be able to renew his loan, as the current contract expires at the end of June.

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