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Argentina showed efficiency and defeated Italy 3-0 in the Finals, a tournament that brings together the champions of the European Championship and the Copa America and takes place today at Wembley, England. Duel goals were scored by Lautaro Martínez, Dí Maria and Dybala.

As a result, the South American team reached the mark of 32 unbeaten games and is aiming, still this year, to beat the world record accuracy of the Italians (37 games). Lionel Scaloni’s team’s last loss happened in July 2019 against Brazil.

The duel also served as Chiellini’s disappointed farewell to the European squad. After taking the field 117 times to defend the Italian shirt, the 37-year-old defender made his last appearance for his country and, without the tournament title, focused on his future while he will leave Juventus.

The house in Italian

The match started badly and both teams quickly made games. The first big chances, however, came only after ten minutes and Italian.

In the first straight attack, Jorginho started in the middle and, already at the entrance to the area, played from side to side. scraper. The forward turned around, ended up putting and forcing Emiliano MARTINEZ to make a good defense.

In the 19th minute, the Europeans insisted and panicked again: Bernardeschi received a beautiful throw from Bonucci on the right wing and crossed into the middle of the area. Defender Romero, in fact, cut into a corner and avoided Belotti’s possible goal.

Belotti himself, on the other hand, headed for a ball soon after and saw the South American archer again.

Raspadori forced Martínez to work during Italy against Argentina, valid for Finals

Photo: Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Messi showed up, and Argentina opened the scoring

After the fears, Argentina were able to neutralize the rhythm of the duel and began to attack the European opponent. It worked.

In the 26th minute, after a good triangulation on the right wing of the South American attack, Messi received the entry into the area and hit his right leg against Donnarumma’s goal, which he managed to fit.

A minute later, shirt number 10 once again took responsibility and, this time, saw the bid end with a happy ending. He started the game by receiving from behind left and brought back Di Lorenzo.

Agile and skillful, the PSG ace protected, blocked the opponent’s tackle and brought it to the bottom line, crossing Lautaro Martínez just to shelter it in Italy’s goal: 1 to 0.

Lautaro Martínez opens the scoring for Argentina against Italy after a beautiful move by Lionel Messi - Ben Stansall / AFP - Ben Stansall / AFP

Lautaro Martínez opened the scoring for Argentina against Italy after a beautiful move by Lionel Messi

Photo: Ben Stansall / AFP

aim at Argentina

In addition to the initial period, Argentina, which did not back down from a partial victory and continued to dominate, reached its 2nd goal with multiple categories.

Goalkeeper Emiliano Martínez’s game began, dropping the measure for Lautaro amid Italy’s pressure mark. The striker dominated his back to Bonucci and was able to eliminate the veteran defender, starting with the European goal.

With precision, the writer of the 1st goal triggered a diagonal pass by attacking midfielder Di María, who was free with Donnarumma and, with cavadinha, extended: 2 to 0.

Di María eliminates Donnarumma with category and throws Italian nets in Finals - Ben Stansall / AFP - Ben Stansall / AFP

Di María eliminated Donnarumma with a category and threw the Italian nets at Finalissima

Photo: Ben Stansall / AFP

end of an era

The experienced Italian defender, Chiellini, 37, left the field in the middle of the hour to get Lazzari in and, with that, said goodbye to the games defending his country.

The player’s trajectory with the European team began in 2005 – the same year, including, where he arrived at Juventus. In total, he has played 117 games using the blue jersey.

Now a former Italy captain, Chiellini has also left the Turin club. The player, who has yet to retire from football, has already been scouted by U.S. teams.

Chiellini plays his last game defending the Italian national team in the match against Argentina - Claudio Villa/Getty Images - Claudio Villa/Getty Images

Chiellini played his last game defending the Italian national team in the match against Argentina

Photo: Claudio Villa/Getty Images

Bonucci and Donnarumma squabble avoiding the worst

The start of the 2nd half was marked by a remarkable move involving Bonucci, who replaced Chiellini as Italy captain.

In ten minutes, the defender backed a ball to Donnarumma and completely lost track of the pass. The goalkeeper had to run to avoid, above the line, another Argentine goal.

Donnarumma must fix Bonucci's wrong pass and avoid his own goal during Italy against Argentina - Adrian DENNIS / AFP - Adrian DENNIS / AFP

Donnarumma had to fix Bonucci’s wrong pass and avoid an own goal during Italy’s game against Argentina.

Photo: Adrian DENNIS / AFP

The South Americans finished with Dybala’s score

The 3rd goal, on the other hand, almost came out in two moves shortly after the riot – both Di María. First, the attacking midfielder received from the right, cut in half and finished with the goal of Donnarummaperforming a miracle and swiping into a corner.

In the lawsuit, the player himself, who left PSG, was triggered and hit hard for a new intervention by the opposing archer-who fired three shots by Messi in the following bids and avoided collapse of his team.

Until the final whistle, Argentina valued possession of the ball and still had a chance to score again. Just in time for stopping, with Dybala, who had just joined in replacing Lo Celso, the long-awaited 3rd goal came to the bottom and put up a shot: 3-0 and the Finalissima title guaranteed.

Dybala scores in stoppage time and seals Argentina's title in the Finals - Glyn KIRK / AFP - Glyn KIRK / AFP

Dybala scored in the stoppage time and sealed the Argentine title in the Finals

Photo: Glyn KIRK / AFP

Technical page: Italy 0x3 Argentina

Tournament: very final

Date: June 1, 2022

Location: Wembley, London (England)

Period: 15:45 (from Brasilia)

goals: Lautaro Martínez (27 min in the 1st half), Di María (45 min in the 1st half) and Dybala (48 min in the 2nd half).

Italy: Donnarumma; Di Lorenzo, Bonucci, Chiellini (Lazzari) and Emerson (Bastoni); Barella, Jorginho and Pessina (Spinazolla); Bernardeschi (Locatelli), Belotti (Scamacca) and Raspadori. Coach: Roberto Mancini

Argentina: Emiliano Martínez; Molina, Romero (Pezzella), Otamendi and Tagliafico; De Paul (Palacios), Guido Rodríguez and Lo Celso (Dybala); Di María (Nicolás González), Messi and Lautaro Martínez (Álvarez). Coach: Lionel Scaloni

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