see 6 signs of skin that may indicate disease

Diabetes, a disease of high blood glucose, is known to cause extreme thirst, blurred vision, fatigue, and increased urination. However, the presence of signs on the skin can also indicate the condition.

Type 1 diabetes (caused by a genetic disorder) and type 2 diabetes (related to lifestyle) can lead to serious health complications in the largest organ of the human body: the skin.

The main process is glycation, which occurs when excess sugar binds to skin proteins, leaving them hardened and brittle. Collagen, for example, is a protein; with this phenomenon, therefore, the skin is dry and has little elasticity.


Look at the main signs on the cover:

1- Yellow or brown spots or blows
2- A darker area of ​​velvety skin, especially around the neck and armpits
3- Hardened patches on the skin, especially on the fingers and toes
4- Sudden appearance of groups of amba or beans
5- Skin stains – small, almost imperceptible skin depressions
6- Very dry and itchy parts of the skin (causing itching), especially on the arms, legs, elbows and feet.

indicated attention

Skin care chemist Bruce Green of SOS Serum Skincare recommends the use of soaps and non-alcoholic substances in addition to applying high quality moisturizers. “You need to make sure you clean and dry the place well, as wet skin can cause irritation,” he warned in an interview with the Sun.

The specialist also recommends avoiding fragrant products and petrochemical ingredients. Finally, Green indicates the use of cotton clothing. “This allows for healthy airflow and helps reduce localized sweating,” he concluded.

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