Security denounces racial violence in the American game; excludes the club

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Security officials said an American fan called him a monkey

A security guard at Independence Stadium, Cear, who worked on Amrica’s 2-0 defeat in the Brazilian Championship on Wednesday (9th), has reported a case of racial violence.

America 0 x 2 Cear: Photos from the Serie A Independence Game

According to the Ertzaintza report, the victim was walking down the stadium corridor when he started hurting the suspect: “Monkey, monkey, stinking monkey, monkey, bastard.”

The security guard reportedly went in search of his coordinator to report the incident immediately. However, when they returned, there was no fan.

After the incident, the victim found the same fan again near the toilet. He would look directly at the stadium staff and make gestures imitating a monkey. In this way, the safety guards and the rest of the groups arrested suspicious until the police arrive, and both took police home to the police report.


Also, according to the Occurrence Bulletin, the fans had already committed a racial insult on April 30, when America beat Athletico-PR 1-0, also for Brasileiro.

At the time, the American tried to enter the stadium with a metal bottle, but security stopped him. He approached to help approach the victim this Wednesday, but the fan said, “Monkey, I hate this breed”; “son of a bitch”; “wage hunger.”

Attitude of the accused

In the wake of the match against Cear, the suspect said he was buying beer at the police station when the security guard started looking at him “with a frightened look”. At this point, he would look back and say, “Am I looking at the pig?”

Already on the 30th of April, the man accused of injuries reported that he had gone to the fence with his 2-year-old grandson to enter the field. He would approach security and ask him to leave the place.

At that moment, according to the incident report, the fan said he was showing the child the grass, but the stadium staff itself broke his finger.

Event Bulletin
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Case Facts Bulletin

Clubs and fans refuse

In a statement, America said it was dismissing the incident and investigating the situation to take appropriate action.

The club says the suspect is not a member of the Onda Verde program and hopes that if racial insult is proven, penalties will be imposed on the perpetrator.

In addition to Coelho, the American Anti-Fascist Resistance movement, organized supporters like Barra UNA and Seita Verde, as well as influencers and independent channels regretted the incident and demanded that the follower be banned from the stadium.

American release

The Amrica Football Club rejects any act of racism or racial insult. In the face of allegations of racial abuse against a security professional, in a match against Cea, Arena Independêncian, the Club has been investigating the situation since the incident, to take appropriate measures and to prevent and preserve acts of discrimination. who would suffer a racial injury.

The club has clarified that the suspect is not part of the Onda Verde Program. If so, it will be suspended until the process is complete. Despite the legal procedures, America hopes that, once the racial injury has been proven, exemplary sanctions will be applied by the competent bodies. The club understands that feelings of impunity are greatly affected by actions to combat racism and other prejudices.

Amrica adds that locating and fighting any kind of prejudice must go beyond the virtual environment. Therefore, the Club is looking at ways to address and support the crimes and situations that have occurred in football and the world, unfortunately, and in the world of football.

Release of organized followers, independent channels, and American actors

A release issued by pro-Am, organized by agents and independent movements
photo: reproduction

Release issued by organized followers, influencers, and independent American movements

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