São Paulo explained why it did not accept the devices that the former physiologist had managed to modernize the medical department

Barra Fundako CT, São Paulo
Photo: Rubens Chiri / São Paulo

São Paulo’s attempt to modernize its structure, which is now considered obsolete by those who currently work at the club, runs counter to the organization’s delicate financial situation over the years. The issue has sparked controversy in recent days on social media, following statements from former physiologist Turíbio Leite de Barros.

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Treated as a member of the current management, because Tricolor would help to obtain more modern equipment for use in Refis and would also work as a consultant in the structure of the Barra Funda Training Center, Turíbio also had an audio posted on social media. Reproduced with permission from Radio Bandeirantes. In the statement, the physiologist suggests that the plan did not go ahead as a result of the third party.

All I can say is this. I always had the best intention of taking the equipment. I wouldn’t need resources. One year later there was only one loan, including the replacement of new equipment. All I got was the marketing of property exchanges: a signed T-shirt, some club box office tickets, club social media. They would be state-of-the-art equipment. I will wait until the press investigates the reasons for not accepting it. I can’t talk because they’re going to keep killing me. That would be an unfair battle between me and São Paulo“Turibio said.

According to sources close to São Paulo, according to ESPN, the partnership between the club and Turíbio did not progress due to two main reasons.

The first was that when Turíbio offered the equipment to São Paulo, there was a good chance of taking on the position of health project manager in the agreement, with the club already having another professional, Fernando Fernandes, hired. In the middle of the first half of 2022.

In addition, the Morumbi club’s code of ethics, which does not allow family members to work together in the same department. And so Turíbio could not do a similar job in São Paulo, as his son, Luis Fernando de Barros, is already a worker at Tricolor.

ESPN received a document signed by President Julio Casares on July 13, 2021, confirming this rule.

In accordance with the powers currently established in Article 117, in accordance with the previous recommendations, to reduce by 10% the expenditure of each area / directory and, above all, to limit the increase in the number of employees. or the creation of new jobs, I also specify that the hiring of staff members and directors and family members is prohibited.“, says the document.

There is another reason. According to an ESPN investigation, Turíbio provided six pieces of equipment to São Paulo, but did not see all of them as necessary. The DEM (the body created by the organization’s medical professionals and collaborators) vetoed the devices, believing that the more modern ones would not be of much value and that others would not be added.

According to the club, two would be important, and the other four, although more modern than what São Paulo has at the moment, were even more effective than what Tricolor himself now had at Refis.

Also, according to ESPN, the loan would initially be two to three months. He then traded for six months or more. After the deadline, São Paulo would have to buy the borrowed devices, which also helped make the deal unfeasible. The purchase price was also above the market.

As talks on hiring Turíbio failed to progress, the physiologist stopped mediating the deal and ended negotiations.

Turíbio also resigned from DEM, which is made up of nine professionals in the field who have helped São Paulo to seek the modernization of Refis. As the equipment was not delivered, the club did not have to return it, but, under the guidance of the high tricolor dome, the law department will be called in to interpret Turíbio’s statements.

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