Santos was looking for a draw with 10 and raised the pressure on Atlético-MG

Forced by Fluminense’s loss, 5 to 3, in the last game, Atlético-MG will have to give an answer to its fans. There was no shortage of chances against Santos, as Galo won the match and still had one player. However, once again, the Minas Gerais team lacked football, giving up a 1-1 draw against São Paulo, this Saturday, with goals from Savinho and Rwan Seco. The match-fixing validity for the 11th round of the Brazilian Championship, at Mineirão, greatly increased the pressure of coach Turco Mohamed.

The start of the Atlético game was encouraging, but the team lost the show and saw Santos create the clearest chance to score. The dismissal of Lucas Pires, early in the second half, was the peace the home team needed. But Galo didn’t take advantage and he saw Peixe looking for a draw even if it was just a small one.

Under the circumstances, the draw cannot be considered bad for Santos, even if it is closer to the relegation zone than the G6. Atlético, on the other hand, completed three games without a win and saw leaders Corinthians and Palmeiras open the gap in the race for the title.


Who is good: Rwan Seco

The Santos midfielder spent the ball on Mineirão. In addition to the goal guaranteeing a tie, Rwan was the most risky of the goal Everson defended, so he hit the post before the game tied.

Who’s wrong: Angle

The Ecuadorian striker from Santos remained on the field as each team had 11 players, but he did not disturb Atletico’s defense. He added little and, therefore, chose to leave the change game where Fabián Bustos recomposed the defense, following the dismissal of Lucas Pires.

Atlético-MG game: debt

Hulk cried during the Atlético-MG x Santos, Brazilian Championship match

Photo: Fernando Moreno/AGIF

After leaving a bad impression in the Fluminense loss, Galo started it all against Santos. Forced to steal the ball on the offensive field, which does not allow the visiting team to play, speed and multiple offensive moves. The result of a good start is the goal after just five minutes. But Atlético didn’t keep up the momentum and saw Peixe grow in the game. Not even one other player on the team can hold the result.

Holy game: close to victory

A little luck on the submissions and Santos could leave Mineirão with a better result. The start of the game was not good, but Fabián Bustos ’team slowly balanced Atlético’s actions and created good chances. There were two attempts that stopped the crossbar and two more good saves by Everson. After the dismissal of Lucas Pires, Santos was forced to change its posture on the field, but did not stop attacking. He was looking for an equalizer and was closer to the turn than to take the second goal.

Turkey surprises with Savinho

Already sold to City Group and assigned to PSV, from the Netherlands, striker Savinho lived his final days in Cidade do Galo. The 18-year-old forward has secured a spot with Turkish coach Mohamed in recent weeks and has been selected to start as a starter against Santos, his first time among 11 in this Brasileirão.

Goalkeeper friends

The crossbar and the crossbar are the goalkeepers ’best friends and that’s clear at Mineirão. Everson had the help of the crossbar after a header by Eduardo Bauermann and then it was the beam’s turn to give that momentum after submissions by Rwan and Bruno Oliveira. João Paulo also had his collaboration, after Hulk hit the post with a free kick.

Red with VAR

Savinho received a great pass from the Hulk and was brought down by Lucas Pires, before entering the area. However, referee Marcelo de Lima Henrique showed the yellow card to the Santos defender. But the error was corrected with the help of VAR.

well marked punishment

Jair took Eduardo Bauermann to the entrance to the venue, a step impossible for referee Marcelo de Lima Henrique to see. Once again, the VAR worked well and helped score the penalty that guaranteed the Santos draw.

other than the beam

In the final seconds of the match, Santos was about to return the game, along with Bruno Oliveira. After the counterattack, the ball was left for the midfielder, who finished well, but, again, Everson made a good save and the ball still hit the post.



Reason: 11th round of the Brazilian Championship
Location: Mineirão, in Belo Horizonte (MG)
Date and time: June 11, 2022 at 19:00 (Brazil time)
referee: Marcelo de Lima Henrique (CE)
Assistants: Nailton Junior de Sousa Oliveira (CE) and Renan Aguiar da Costa (CE)
VAR: Rafael Traci (SC)
Yellow cards: Arana, Jair, Allan and Everson (CAM); Angelo (SAN)
Red card: Lucas Pires (SAN)
goals: Savinho in the 5th minute of the first half; Rwan Seco in the 39th minute of the second half

Atlético-MG: Everson, Guga, Réver, Alonso and Arana; Allan, Jair (Eduardo Sasha, at 40 ‘in 2nd) and Nacho; Keno, Savinho (Ademir, at 29 ‘in 2nd) and Hulk. Technician: Turkish Mohamed |

Saints: João Paulo, Madson (Auro, at 12 ‘in the 1st), Maicon, Eduardo Bauermann and Lucas Pires; Rodrigo Fernández (Camacho, at 26 ‘in the 2nd), Vinícius Zanocelo (Angelo at 16’ in the 2nd) and Sandry; Rwan Seco, Lucas Braga (Bruno Oliveira, at 26 ‘in the 2nd) and Bryan Angulo (Flipe Jonathan, at 16’ in the 2nd). Technician: Fabian Bustos.

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