Santos is preparing to define the future of seven players with a contract until the end of 2022 saints

Santos will have June to determine the status of seven players with shorter contracts. In the relationship, three of them are on loan, and the other four have a contract that ends in December, and they will be able to sign a pre-contract with another team from July.

The list may be longer, but the club has already released striker Marcos Guilherme, who was sidelined from the International until the end of June. As he did not stay at the club, Peix released the player to resolve his situation with Colorado.

There are four players who will end Santos’ contract in December: goalkeeper Paulo Mazoti, right-back Madson, defender Emiliano Velázquez and midfielder Camacho. There is no discussion yet.

Madson Santos training – Photo: Ivan Storti / Santos FC

Of these, Madson is the main one. Titular do Peixe, the player is an important player on the right, in addition to helping the team a lot in the air plays. They have scored 22 games and two goals this season.

Camacho was a starter last season. However, after the arrival of Fabián Bustos, it became an opportunity. With the arrival of Rodrigo Fernández and Willian Maranhão, he lost his place and even managed a six-match streak without entering the field. The Santos technician gained more chances with the rotation promoted. 18 games have been played this year.

Emiliano Velázquez came to the club as a starter and won a few matches in the 2021 Brazilian Championship before being injured and losing his place in the team. This year, after the arrival of Fabián Bustos, he began to have more opportunities to act. It was the coach’s first chance to save Maicon or Eduardo Bauermann. In 2022 there were 13 games.

Paulo Mazoti is Santos’ fourth goal scorer, behind João Paulo, John and Diogenes. He has yet to make his club debut.

Camacho Santos training – Photo: Ivan Storti / Santos FC

The transfer includes right-back Auro, midfielder Rodrigo Fernández and midfielder Bruno Oliveira, all of whom have been transferred until December this year. Everyone is experiencing a different moment this season.

The Uruguayan player is the best rated of the three. Transferred from Guarani, Paraguay, the midfielder quickly adapted and gained the confidence of coach Fabián Bustos and Peixe fans. The absolute owner of the club, Rodrigo Fernández, hopes to continue after the loan is completed.

Santos has the option to buy the steering wheel and, according to football director Edu Dracena himself, the club intends to make it a priority to stay with the player.

Rodrigo Fernández Santos training – Photo: Ivan Storti / Santos FC

Auro arrived in February in hopes of casting a shadow over Madson. The difference, however, has not yet been established. He played six games with Peixe. Since the club’s expulsion from Paulistão, he has only been on the pitch twice, both for the South American Cup, when Fabián Bustos opted for an alternative team. Against Banfield, the coach chose to improvise on the role of Lucas Braga at the time when he replaced Madson in place of Aurora.

The wing is leased by Toronto FC, a team that competes in MLS. His contract with the Canadian team also expires in December.

Transferred by Caldens, midfielder Bruno Oliveira also played only six games for Santos. With a situation similar to Auror’s, he only twice entered Bustos’ orders on the pitch. However, it works for a few minutes.

Recently, the Santos coach explained that the midfielder suffered from a lack of intensity and worked to improve that aspect.

Bruno Oliveira Santos training – Photo: Ivan Storti / Santos FC

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