Santos and RB Bragantino’s goals and best moments for the Brazilian Championship (2-2) 2022/06/18

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Good night!

We would like to thank all those who watched another VAVEL show in Brazil. Have a great night everyone, and see you next time.

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⏱ ‘Upcoming games

Santos is changing the key now and will play in the Brazilian Cup. Wednesday (22) against Corinthians at the Neo Química Arena at 9:30 p.m. I’m Bragantino, he only plays in Brasileirão, on Saturday (25), at 16:30, against Athletico-PR, Arena da Baixada.

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Post ‘Post game

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Post ‘Post game

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49 ‘The match ends

Santos 2×2 Bragantino.

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48 ‘

Angelo attacks from the right, and gets a corner kick at the last minute.

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47 ‘

Carlos Eduardo crosses, Bauermann retires.

22:48 an hour ago

46 ‘

Santos makes two crosses inside the area, while Bragantino’s defense pushes both away.

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45 ‘Add-ons

Plus four, let’s go to 49.

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45 ‘Substitution Bragantino

22:45 an hour ago

43 ‘

Luan Cândido ventures out of the area, defending João Paulo.

22:43 an hour ago

41 ‘

The ball is cleared for Artur inside the box, with the 7th player punching and missing the goal.

22:42 an hour ago

40 ‘Yellow card

Goulart receives a card from the bank for complaints.

22:40 an hour ago

38 ‘

Praxedes tries to get hold of the ball but it slips out of his hands.

22:39 an hour ago

37 ‘

Aderlan crosses half the height with danger. Kaiky walks away to the corner.

22:39 an hour ago

37 ‘

Lucas Pires crosses the ball, but Bragantino’s defense is on target.

22:38 an hour ago

36 ‘

Santos works the ball into the attacking field, but can’t get into the opposing defense.

22:36 an hour ago

34 ‘Yellow card

Card for Praxedes due to the absence of Rodrigo Fernandes.

22:33 an hour ago

31 ‘Red card

Peix’s physical trainer was also expelled.

22:33 an hour ago

30 ‘Substitution by Bragantino

22:31 an hour ago

28 ‘Red card

Coach Fabián Bustos has been fired for his allegations.

22:29 2 hours ago


Santos backed out, Bragantino took advantage of the opportunity, and with Luan Cândido, he risked from outside the area and scored a great goal, from the corner of João Paulo. Gross mass equalization: 2 and 2.

22: 272 hours ago

24 ‘

Camacho’s beautiful pass to Ângel, starting and ending on the right. The ball passes dangerously, over Cleiton’s goal.

22:25 2 hours ago

23 ‘Substitution by Santos

22:24 hours ago

22 ‘

Aderlan crosses the ball very hard, but the ball goes wide.

22:24 hours ago

21 ‘Substitution by Bragantino

22:21 hours ago

18 ‘

After another corner, Rwan deflects it again, the ball takes a risk to Cleiton’s goal, but he runs away.

22:20 2 hours ago

17 ‘

Lucas Pires takes a corner kick from Ruan. What a strong forehead, but he sees the ball deflected in Hurtado and comes out, hitting the net from the outside.

22:19 2 hours ago

17 ‘

Ângelo makes a nice move from the right, he plays with Marcos Leonardo, he finishes the shirt 9, but the shot is blocked at the moment. Fish corner.

22:18 2 hours ago

16 ‘Yellow card

Helinhori card, due to Ângelo’s absence.

22:17 hours ago

14 ‘

Sandry picks it up on the right wing, Marcos tries to find it, but Nathan favors Bragantino.

22:16 hours ago

14 ‘

He crosses to Arthur, Lucas Braga leaves.

22:14 hours ago

12 ‘Substitution by Santos

22:13 hours ago

10 ‘Yellow card

João Paulo gets a ticket for “waxing” according to the court.

22:13 hours ago

10 ‘

WOW! Rual risks from a distance, but the ball goes to the left of João Paulo’s goal.

22:12 2 hours ago

09 ‘

Lucas Braga made a good effort at breaking through on the right, but the home team’s left defense cleared the ball to a corner. The ball is still left for Jhojan, who sends the ball into the chewing gum and deflects it to Cleiton.

22:11 2 hours ago

08 ‘

Lucas Pires crosses the ball into the box, but Kevin makes a save.

22:10 2 hours ago

08 ‘

Zanocelo risks from a distance, but the ball explodes in the defense.

22:09 2 hours ago

06 ‘

Aderlan Hyoran tries to score, but Rodrigo Fernanfez clashes. They stopped the match to receive medical attention from both players.

22:08 2 hours ago

06 ‘

Artur kicks the ball away from the goal, but Baptistão clears it. What’s left is to end up with Aderlan, he kicks with the first shot and the ball goes out.

22:05 2 hours ago

03 ‘

Hyoran takes a corner, but Baptistão tries to escape. Luckily for the attacker, the ball bounces off the side of the goal. A new corner for Massa Bruta.

22:04 2 hours ago

02 ‘

Defender Do Santos disconnects and leaves Bragantino in danger. Bauermann makes a clearance resulting in a corner.

22:03 2 hours ago

01 ‘

Arthur risks a shot, the ball deflects Santos’ defense and goes to a corner.

22:01 2 hours ago

00 ‘Part 2 begins

Ball to the final stage.

21:47 hours ago

46 ‘End of the 1st half

Santos 2×1 Bragantino.

21:47 hours ago


In the last play, Bragantino made a great play from the right, after some deflections inside the area, he left it for Hyoran, and this pushed him into the net, Massa Bruta reduced it: 2 to 1.

21:45 hours ago

45 ‘Add-ons

Another one, let’s go to 46.

21:44 hours ago

44 ‘

Zanocelo kicks Marcos Leonardo, Natan pulls out the Santos striker’s shirt and commits a foul.

21:43 hours ago

42 ‘

Marcos Leonardo missed a pass, but it is up to Jhojan to finish it off. T-shirt 8, at the time of presentation, ends up curled up and misses a unique opportunity.

21:42 hours ago

41 ‘

Raul shoots from a distance, defending João Paulo.

21: 412 hours ago

40 ‘

Jhojan kicks Marcos Leonardo, but only the 9th t-shirt was on the attack, and he loses the ball in the opponent’s defense.

21: 392 hours ago

38 ‘

Raul throws Arthur into the area, but the 7th t-shirt fails to dominate and the ball bounces off the back line.

21: 372 hours ago

35 ‘A great goal for SANTOS ️

A beautiful shot by Marcos Leonardo, scored by Bruno Oliveira, a T-shirt shot from 9 Cleiton, and played with Baptistão, without the goalkeeper, only pushing him to the bottom of the net: 2 to 0 Peixe.

21:33 hours ago

33 ‘

Aderlan crosses the ball, but Rodrigo Fernandez is caught offside.

21:29 2 hours ago

29 ‘

Helinho crosses at half height. Zanocele leaves.

21: 283 hours ago

27 ‘

WHAT A DEFENSE! Jan Hurtado was caught napping as lifted a ball over him following a free kick, but the ball hit the bar, rebounding into the keeper’s arms. Corner for Bragantino.

21: 263 hours ago

25 ‘

Lucas Evangelista shoots from outside the box, but the ball goes wide.

21: 253 hours ago

24 ‘Yellow card

Bruno Oliveira misses Raul and receives a ticket.

21:24 hours ago

23 ‘

Hyoran takes a direct free kick, but the shot goes wide of João Paulo.

21:23 hours ago

23 ‘

Bragantino is not in danger of being charged.

21:23 hours ago

22 ‘Yellow card

Zanocelo misses Lucas Evangelista at the entrance of the area and receives a ticket.

21:22 3 hours ago

21 ‘

Raul risked a long shot and isolated the ball.

21:21 3 hours ago

21 ‘

Helinho tries to get hold of the ball but it slips out of his hands. Kaiky tries a through ball, but Rodrigo Fernandez is caught offside.

21:20 3 hours ago

19 ‘Yellow card

After Marcos Leonardo was fouled, it was now Raul’s turn to foul the boy. T-shirt 23 receives a card.

21:17 hours ago


After a brief tussle with his marker, Lucas Pires was able to power the ball past the keeper to make the score 1 – 0 after 1 minutes.

21: 153 hours ago

15 ‘

Bruno Oliveira was allowed to take it quickly by the referee, much to the dismay of the goalkeeper who wasn’t prepared. Bragantino’s goal.

21:14 hours ago

12 ‘

DEFEND CLETON! Léo Baptistão was uncomfortable with the soggy pitch as he couldn’t move the ball around with his usual grace. However, Bruno Oliveira kicked in front of the striker, but stopped in Cleiton’s defense.

21:13 hours ago

11 ‘

Kaiky gives Hurtado a nice hat, and he misses the defender.

21:12 3 hours ago

09 ‘

IT WAS CLOSE! In a corner kick, Artur shoots wide and Jan Hurtado deflects it, the ball bounces off João Paulo’s post. Fortunately for Santos, the goalkeeper has returned to him and the archer has scored.

21:09 3 hours ago

09 ‘

WOW! Hyoran tries a through ball, but João Paulo is caught offside. Corner for Bragantino.

21:06 3 hours ago

06 ‘

Lucas Pires took the ball from Bruno Oliveira with a cross coming in from the right, but the shot went just wide.

21:05 3 hours ago

05 ‘

Villa Belmiron begins to drizzle.

21:05 3 hours ago

04 ‘

Aderlan’s Hurtado’s cross was headed wide.

21:04 3 hours ago

03 ‘

Arthur misses, Bauermann heads to head.

21:03 3 hours ago

02 ‘

Baptistão fouls Helinho, Bragantino will have the opportunity to play the ball inside the area.

21:00 3 hours ago

00 ‘The match starts

The ball is kicked out of play by Vila Belmiron, Santos.

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⏱ ‘Taboo in play!

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⏱ ‘Pre-game

Performance of the Brazilian National Anthem.

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⏱ ‘Pre-game

Teams come to the field.

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⏱ ‘Pre-game

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⏱ ‘Gross mass has increased!

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⏱ ‘Climbing fish!

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⏱ ‘Pre-game

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⏱ ‘Pre-game

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