Round #7 of Serie D: cassava field, candidate for Puskás Prize, “double” in Hunting Mouse and referee ballot | Brazilian series d

The first round of the Campeonato Brasileiro Série D 2022 ended this Monday. The seventh round of the first round became prominent in games involving teams from the North and Northeast of Brazil. There’s a big goal, controversy involving the referee, a paralyzed match, a dismissal note, Flávio Caça-Rato’s first goals and even a bag of cassava (cassava or cassava, depending on your region) thrown in the field.

+ See Brazilian Series D matches table

For Group 4, a unique opportunity marked the match between CSE and Atlético-BA at the Municipal Stadium Juca Sampaio, in Palmeira dos Índios-AL. At the end of the first half, a supporter of the Alagoas team, identified as Júnior Carlos da Silva, threw a bag of peanuts into the field.

As a result, the fan was escorted out of the stadium. (See video below).

Serie D: In the game between CSE and Atlético-BA, a fan throws a bag of manioc on the field

“I inform you that in the 36th minute of the second half, a CSE fan, identified as: Júnior Carlos da Silva, threw a bag with a manioc on the field of play. I also announced that afterwards found out , he was escorted out of the stadium. ”, the referee reported in summary.

+CSE bounced back against Atlético-BA and reached G-4 in Group 4 of Series D

Despite the shocking moment, the match started again and both teams were unable to change the score from 2 to 1 in favor of CSE, who turned up less than 10 minutes into the final period. With that, Tricolor Palmeirense returned to the G-4 after two rounds.

He lost his head and the referee took it

Referee Dagoberto Silva Modesto worked hard to lead São Raimundo-AM to victory over Humaitá, by 1 to 0, at the Aquino Lopes stadium, in Rio Branco-AC. In total, there were seven yellow cards and two players from the Acre team eliminated.

Psica, for hurting the referee with the words “slang”; and Naldão, for the second yellow card. The second athlete was sent off in the 28th minute of the final period, after a foul on a split ball.

Humaitá x São Raimundo-AM-Photo: Reproduction/CBF

According to the referee’s report, the defender, in addition to protesting in an offensive manner and being restrained by his own teammates, threw the ball at the referee’s head and said: “It will take the c *.

The player is dismissed and throws the ball to the referee’s head – Photo: InStat

+ information about Humaitá

The most beautiful goal of the round will be worthy of the Puskás Award. Left-back Mayk, from Retrô, risked a shot from distance, at the stadium in Almeidão, by João Pessoa, and closed out the 4-1 loss to São Paulo Crystal-PB.

The goal scored in 9 minutes into the second half was considered by the player himself the “big goal” of his career. Mike noticed that goalkeeper Nunes was ahead for a few moments of the game.

– It could be? It’s a big goal and it’s an honor to be nominated. I think it’s worth it, right? Who knows? The part of scoring a beautiful goal I did, now they are there. Let’s shout. – the player joked.

Puskas Valley?  Retrô winger scored the midfield goal in Serie D

Puskas Valley? Retrô winger scored the midfield goal in Serie D

Retrô was the leader in Group 1, with 17 points. Undefeated with 5 wins and two draws, Fênix is ​​the team with the highest performance in the Fourth Division (81%).

Sergipe did not win the first game of Série D in Brasileirão, but the 1-1 draw with Santa Cruz took Gipão out of the bottom of Group 4. And the goal that gave the Sergipe team the victory was enough for 48 minutes. in the second, when the referee saw Lazarini’s hand touch and score the penalty, which converted debutant Hugo Cabral.

Paulinho do Sergipe’s goal came after a nice exchange of passes on the side of the field. From the penalty mark, the attacker ended up low with no chance to defend.

Sergipe opened the scoring, but Santa Cruz sought to equalize the stoppage time

Sergipe opened the scoring, but Santa Cruz sought to equalize the stoppage time

Paulinho has not scored since April 4, when he opened the scoring in a 1-1 draw against the Falcons, for the Sergipe Championship. The striker did not score in six games, counted in all competitions, and finally scored his first goal for the Série D do Brasileirão 2022.

– In the way it used to be, it gave a big cheer. With two minutes left before the end of the game, getting a tie goal can be exhausting for everyone. I was happy to score again, he advanced by a point, but we had to win. [o gol] It gives confidence for the next few games, but I have to think about the team. If I can score two goals and we lose 3-2 to me, it’s no good, ”he said.

+ Sergipe opened the scoring, but Santa Cruz sought a tie in injury time with Hugo Cabral

Reminder from Santa Cruz about the broadcast

Santa Cruz fans are uncomfortable passing on the streaming platform with the rights to the Campeonato Brasileiro Série D 2022. On an official note, Tricolor Pernambucano stood against what it describes as “amateurism or clubbing in an unprepared and emotionally uncontrolled narrator. ”during coverage of the 1-1 draw between Sergipe and Santa Cruz.

Tricolor is one of the most traditional clubs in the current edition of Series D and rejected speeches given by narrator Kelliton Matos, such as: “Your club will fall worse than you think”.

InStat also, by a note, banned the professional from working on the Santa Cruz games until the end of Series D. The company understood that the narrator’s partiality and exemption protocol was not followed.

InStat sets itself on Sergipe x Santa Cruz – Photo: Reproduction

Flávio Caça-Rato scored twice

Northeast CR7, that one, accepted responsibility and scored two goals using the Náutico-RR shirt. Last Saturday, however, the player had no celebration. Alvirrubro defeated Trem, 5-3, and sank to the bottom of Group 1, with two points to win.

Surprisingly, these were Flávio Caça-Rato’s first goals. With a goal scored by “CR7” and by Luca Almeida, Náutico went into halftime with 2 to 1 on the scoreboard.

Serie D: First goals for striker Caça-Rato with a Náutico-RR shirt

Serie D: First goals for striker Caça-Rato with a Náutico-RR shirt

In addition, the five goals Náutico claimed extended the mark to 22 overall, the worst of all teams in the first round of the D Series 2022.

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