Ronaldinho’s arrival at Atlético is ten years old; remember the historic day

Photo: Marcos Michelin / EM / DA Press

Ronaldinho did his first training session at Atltico on June 4, 2012

It was just after 3pm on Monday, June 4, 2012, when the aerial images of the Cidade do Gallo surprised everyone: world star Ronaldinho Gacho, a former Barcelona and Milan man, arrived in Atlético after a silent negotiation. This Saturday (4th) marks the tenth anniversary of Rooster’s historic day.

Photos: Ronaldinho Gacho’s career in Atltico

According to CT staff reports, at that moment, 49 shirts of the future were presented in front of everyone, with a characteristic sympathy and smile on his face. On the first day, he trained normally under the orders of coach Cuca.

The activity was closely followed by the curious eyes of several of Alvinegra’s juvenile players, in admiration of the idol. The professional team was divided into three parts and, wearing a white vest, Ronaldinho took part in a football match.

At the end of the activity, Cuca split the actor into two groups and promoted a short game. The R49 team lost 2-1.After the criticism from the Flemish fans, with shyness, little movement and the hope of turning around, Ronaldinho finished his first day as an Atlético player.

Behind the negotiations with Ronaldinho

Greetings from Flamenco fans in 2011 Ronaldinho saw his relationship with Rubro-Negro fans go “from heaven to hell”. Although he was Gvea’s top scorer in the Brazilian Championship that year, with 14 goals, his relationship deteriorated over time due to poor performance.

In 2012, after scoring seven goals in 22 games, Ronaldinho was heavily criticized by Flamenco fans and asked to suspend his contract due to problems with the club at the end of May. Upon hearing the news, Cuca contacted Alexandre Kalil to discuss his interest in becoming a player.

“When I saw Ronaldinho leave Flemish, I called him Kalili, who was negotiating with Juninho Pernambucano. We needed a 10, a thoughtful head, a good boy in the shots. he asked. I said, ‘Ronaldo.’ Are you sure? ” Yes, ‘”Coca recalled in 2020.
Ronaldinho watches Cucari in his first training session at Atl
Photo: Marcos Michelin / EM / DA Press

Ronaldinho observes Cuca in his first training session for Atltico

“We want to turn around when we get a lot of criticism, and I came with that spirit. The president saw that in me and invited me to come here. I think I’m doing my best. I’m motivated. So.” and aim for good things. I get to give my best and help win Atltico titles. The President looked me in the eye and suggested that I come here. I felt confidence, perseverance and that was the key, “he said.

In just over two years at Atltico, Ronaldinho has become a great idol for the club. In 2013 he was an active figure in winning the Campeonato Mineiro and Copa Libertadores, in addition to the 2014 Recopa Sudamericanana.

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