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What would you do to win a Ronaldinho Gaucho shirt? A special Atlético-MG, which the star used in the debut of Belo Horizont, dressed to celebrate the first of Galo’s 28 goals.

Except for the nice Derley, he couldn’t be there that day. he left the “p. da vida”, hit his mouth and won the relic. R10 (R49 at the time) 10 years after his arrival at Atletico, The ge today he tells the story of the shirt he keeps in his lock.

Fans of the galo were still experiencing the bustle of the signing (among many idol-influenced). Ronaldinho has already played two away games. He missed his debut in front of the fans.

Huge hope. And it was on Saturday night, June 23, 2012. Opponent, Nautical. Clearly, Pernambuco had devised a strategy to stop the punters on the field. The chosen one was the Derley steering wheel.

“I went in to mark Ronaldinho, stay in the tail, don’t let him breathe” (Derley)

Derley Ronaldinho with Atletico-MG first goal shirt – Photo: Personal archive

In the beginning, everything went well for the scoreboard. Gautxo was angry. Discuss the two, pushing each other.

Referee Raphael Claus also stopped the match, called the pair and asked for calm.

– He was “f * ck” with me, I didn’t give him a place, he scored a goal. orr remained. too much, ”the midfielder recalled, in a good mood.

Derley and Ronaldinho push each other at Atlético-MG x Náutico in 2012 – Photo: Reproduction premiere

But nothing personal, Derley pointed out. On the other hand. They were just “officer bones.” He was next to an idol, a reference. Ronaldino still admired him on the pitch. And between one division and the other.

“I spoke to him: does not remain p. not with me, because I want your shirt on during the break“.

Raphael Claus urges Ronaldinho and Derley to slow down – Photo: Reproduction Premiere

“Let’s go to Brasileirão! The biggest offer of games for a price that gives the game. Sign the Premiere!”

The shirt would be even more special. In the 35th minute of the first half, a penalty for Atletico. More than ever, the focus is on Ronaldinhogan. The usual T-shirt was sent to the corner at 10, the same year as 49 (the number he used to pay tribute to his mother Miguelina during the Galo drag season, born in 1949 – the 10th T-shirt was with Guilherm). For the first time, Ronaldinho celebrated a goal dressed in black and white (watch the video at the beginning of the article).

Ronaldinho and his teammates celebrate Náutico’s victory – Photo: Bruno Cantini / Atlético-MG

It was Atlético’s second goal in a match against Náutico. Derley’s Ronaldinho failed to score …

– In the end, we lost 5-1, and he was laughing. I said, “You like to win, you like to laugh, don’t you …” – says the steering wheel with a laugh.

Ronaldinho and Derley exchange shirts at Atlético-MG x Náutico break – Photo: Reproduction premiere

During the break, Derley continued to “stick” to the ace. Now the goal was a t-shirt. Angry Ronaldinho already had a special smile on his face. The shirts were changed (the one used by the Galo goalkeeper in the second half was with Souza).

– It was all a game. He is a boy I admire a lot. It’s incredibly modest. He asked me for a nautical shirt. I had the honor of playing against him, having changed my shirt and today I have the shirt, number 49, the first home game and Atletico’s first goal.

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Derley currently plays for Ferroviário in Ceará. At home, the alvinegra relic is carefully preserved. Along with two others, one of them is Ronaldinho’s.

– I keep it in a special place, with his 10, which I exchanged in another match, and a Neymar one, which I exchanged in a friendly match between Leon (MEX) and Barcelona. All three are locked up. I’m already telling this story to my kids, and I’m going to tell my grandchildren.

Atletics wants the No. 49 jersey. Offers have already been made.

– Many Atletico fans ask me for this shirt. They want to buy everything. It is locked like a trophy in my collection.

“They have already offered me R $ 2 thousand, R $ 3 thousand, including some of my sports friends. But I changed my shirt for the rest of my life. “ Derley warns.

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