Romario accumulates controversial speeches as a senator; review

Senator Romário (PL-RJ) was found in a fight yesterday when he debated with Senator Paulo Rocha (PT-PA) in the Plenary Session of the Senate. The Senate colleagues had to separate the two after a disagreement over the bill regulating the Federal Council on Physical Education and the respective regional councils.

Later, they both said that they had “nothing against” the other, but this was not the first time the former parliamentarian and player had seen his name linked to political controversy – on the football field, as Romário was also known. hot temples.

The senator is currently seeking re-election to the post, which he won in 2015 after passing through the House. Ipec’s latest poll in May showed that Romario had 29% of the vote in the polls with the most tested names.

Support from Bolsonaro

The senator has stated that he is in favor of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) for the 2022 elections, and that he is also a candidate for President of the Senate. Criticism of the president has had a negative effect on the former player’s support of the former PSB MP.

“Before Bolsonaro, our country was a well,” Romário said in an interview on a YouTube channel on October 11, 2021. In April 2022, the former player ruled out Bolsonaro’s chance. Daniel Silveira (PRTB-RJ) to support the Bolshevik deputy for the post, justifying the choice of the party, the PL, the same for both.

“I am the Bolsonaro Rio Senate candidate. The president is affiliated with the PL. I am affiliated with the PL. Daniel Silveira has the right to ask for help, but I don’t think the president will do that,” he said. .

In May, Romário met with former Health Minister Eduardo Pazuello, which also sparked a new wave of criticism of the senator. “It was a very fruitful conversation because we talked about our situation and especially our health,” he wrote when he posted a photo of the meeting on the networks.

active debt

Despite seeking re-election, Romário (PL) has registered debts of R $ 2.5 million with the Union and the government of Rio de Janeiro, UOL columnist Diego Garcia reported. Although the judiciary is looking for seized goods to remove the amount to be paid, the four-time champion with the Brazilian national team has nothing in his name, the Rio de Janeiro judiciary said.

According to what is registered in his name in the General Prosecutor’s Office of the National Treasury, Romário owes R $ 1,758,614.02. Due to fiscal secrecy, the Union does not disclose the nature of the debt. It is classified as “Other Tax Debt” and specifies the exact amounts owed.

The senator, who will run for re-election in October, still has another R $ 661,548.43 with the State of Rio, on behalf of Café Onze Bar e Restaurante, one of its partners. There are currently two BRL 177,496.35 protests on behalf of each place.

To UOL, Romário stated, through advice, that the other debts listed have already been paid – which have not been specified – but that the minutes have not yet been updated. He added that the remaining charges were not recognized.

Disagreement with Milton Ribeiro

Another passage from the senator’s opinion was addressed to former Education Minister Milton Ribeiro.

After the head of the portfolio stated in August 2021 that children with disabilities had “hindered” the development of other students in the same class, Romário described them as “stupid”.

“The Minister of Education lost many classes, leaving stupidity to take the place of the mind and humanity,” wrote Romario, the father of a girl with Down Syndrome.

CPI do Futebol and CBF

As a senator, Romário was, in 2016, the head of the Football CPI (Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry). The Senate wanted to investigate the contracts and negotiations of the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) and its leaders.

Former CBF president Jose Maria Marin and other FIFA members have been arrested on suspicion of running the country’s largest football organization. There were convictions for participating in a corruption scheme that moved $ 150 million in 20 years.

“They arrested the corrupt and thieves who damaged football, including José María marine. The thief must go to jail. Congratulations to the FBI. Unfortunately, we were not the ones who were arrested, “he said. The senator also called Marco Polo Del Nero the then CBF president.

Romario also submitted a parallel report to the head of the CBF CPI, which received a request for the indictment of nine people, including Marco Polo Del Nero, José Maria Marin and Ricardo Teixeira, a former Confederate leader. The suggestion, however, was ignored.

“P * has nothing to do”

Still a member of the House, the former player criticized the progress of domestic proceedings, saying he had “nothing to do” with the Brazilian regiment at the beginning of the year. “I hope I’ll have something to do with my next visit to Brasilia. Or will the year really start after the carnival?” He said in 2012.

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