Rogério Ceni says he made the right plan

The press conference after São Paulo replaced Palmeiras, at the time of the stop, showed that Rogério Ceni was clearly upset in front of the Morumbi microphone. Saying he was upset with the result, the coach defended the strategy adopted for the duel in the 13th round in Brasileirão.

São Paulo took the lead in the 17th minute of the first half, with Patrick’s goal. At the stop of the second half, Gustavo Gómez and Murilo secured the win for Palmeiras on both corners.

“[Foi] A well -planned, well -played game. There are times against Palmeiras that you have to defend yourself. If we choose to have a taller team, this is the time we get the second goal. (…) I think we were playing a tactical well -done game. And then you choose how you want the analysis. If you want to analyze São Paulo that in the first half Palmeiras was not allowed to do anything. In the second half, it was only natural that Palmeiras would get up. (…) In the best moment of our aerial ball, with three defenders and a full-back good header, we conceded two goals from the set pieces. The analysis should be done as you see fit, ”he said.

The turn in stoppage time left the more than 30,000 fans present in Morumbi in a mixture of disbelief and anger. The São Paulo side started mocking the players, who were crying on the field.

“Booing because of frustration with how the game ended. If it ends 1-0, the fan will go home happy. Booing is the least right he has. Do you think I’m going to sleep? Do you think I’m going to sleep?” that at some point we wanted to concede two goals from set piece, given that we worked a lot on that in training yesterday? Maybe if I was there I would scream too, because I didn’t keep the result ”, continued Ceni, who didn’t hide of himself. grief over the result.

“Unfortunately, I leave sad, I’m angry, we keep the system until the end, we try to put the speed of Rigoni, another header, which is Miranda, Léo in Reinaldo’s place… Maybe. Nothing. ‘y anything to tell you. I’m not as happy with the result, as before, but tomorrow I have to work and try to do it again “.

São Paulo has little time to recover from the result. Next Thursday (23), the team will host Palmeiras, once again, in Morumbi, for the first leg of round 16 of the Copa do Brasil. In the short term on the calendar, Ceni said the board will decide whether the club will advance to the knockout tournament or rest the players with a view to Juventude, on Sunday (26).

“You have to choose. What management agrees [força total], because it’s a classic, big game, then we’ll see what happens. We had five, six players hanging out for the Youth game. (…) It’s just not for me [escolher qual competição priorizar]you can be sure, “he added.

See other statements by Ceni in an interview:

“No” action after the second goal

There were fans who started shouting. ‘No, no, no, your trainer is not stupid. Your trainer is doing the right things. We don’t judge because he took the goal. Sorry, they are the very best headers, prepared for the game where the objectives happen, from crossed balls. I understand that football is emotional, compelling, but the game plan is done right. Everyone says it was hard to play against Palmeiras, we even won in extra time.

The seventh goal in the second half was scored in seven games

It’s at stop time, not in the second half. Unfortunately … I think we played a good game against Palmeiras, who is considered by everyone to be a good team right now. We lost the stop time with two set pieces, which we worked very hard on.

We need to figure out how he conceded seven goals in seven games in the second half, let’s try to figure out.

Is São Paulo lacking in knowing how to suffer?

Patrick was the second piece, he still scored. Eder came in because Calleri was tired, he played all the games, I couldn’t get rid of the guy.

São Paulo knows how to suffer, they have opportunities for attacks. Reinaldo is very good. We put Rigoni on one side, Patrick on the other until the end of the game. We continued the scheme, a line of five, they put 9 in place. Calleri was between the two defenders, ready to counter Rigoni, for Calleri to dominate and have an exit with Igor, with Patrick on the sides, more support on the left. And then we conceded two goals from the set pieces with the weaker side of Palmeiras in the corner. Then we have to choose the analysis you want to do.

There were teams that won until the 90th minute and scored two goals, lost, eliminated and good teams. And there are teams that lose and then the job is … I can assure you that the entire game was thought out. We were already suffering from Paulista’s attention problems, now we concede a rebound goal from the corner and one from the corner.

Is psychological weight in the game today?

Against Palmeiras it was harder to kill the game than against Avaí. Palmeiras is a competitive team, with many alternatives. We didn’t even have chances as obvious as Avaí, but I could see my team playing a good game, the boys competing as hard as they could. As with every game, what does Palmeiras do? In the first half they did nothing, a move that escaped to the right, when Rony made a machete into space. Plus, they have possession, they have game, more volume.

What did you tell the players in the locker room?

I didn’t talk to the players. I was staying in my locker room, the players were just praying, I wasn’t in the mood to talk, I was just booking training time. There are days when it is better not to talk. What can I say? I’m not even telling you, there are days when it’s better not to just talk anymore.

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