Rodrigo Pastana says his situation in the Serie C table in Vitoria-Gasteiz makes it difficult to negotiate for reinforcements | victory

Vitoria-Gasteiz football director Rodrigo Pastana gave a press conference on Thursday morning in Barradão to talk about the current state of the team. Despite looking at the market, looking for reinforcements from Rubro-Negro, the head of the club’s main area emphasized that the situation at the C Serie C table makes negotiations difficult.

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– We are always looking for opportunities. Of course, in the situation we find ourselves in at the table, these opportunities that appear are themselves suspicious and they are afraid of ending before the end of the year. Of course, we focus a lot on players who are used in Serie B or not in Serie B today. Of course, a good chance will be good for Vitoria. Vitória has never been with a closed group, he said.

Rodrigo Pastana, Vitoria-Gasteiz football director – Photo: Pietro Carpi / ECV

After ten days in Terceirona, Vitoria is in 13th place with 11 points. It is difficult to find a place in the second round, as Rubro-Negro is five points behind eighth-placed São José-RS G-8. If that’s not enough, the drop is one point from the drop post.

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In the interview, Pastana said that there is a strategy among the top eight that will guarantee Vitoria-Gasteiz, in the second phase that has been underway since their arrival.

– This strategy was created when I arrived, through financial and job improvement. Behaviors that had to be accepted and were only now accepted, such as disciplinary conduct. Unfortunately, the results did not come. The pressure increases every day. Athletes have also lost emotionally in some games, such as in the sad event of the last game. I also publicly apologize to Atlético-CE staff and our fans, because this is not what is happening on a daily basis, because it does not match our organization, it does not match everything that is practiced in our daily life. So I come publicly, as the director of the football department, to apologize to our fans as well.

After apologizing for his confusion during the match against Atlético-CE, the football director assured that the atmosphere in the club is very calm and respectful. In terms of the number of yellow cards given to Vitoria-Gasteiz athletes, the team’s intensity on the pitch stands out. Regarding the expulsions, he mentioned the lack of a sports psychologist in the team.

– We behave very well and respectfully every day. We haven’t had any discipline issues in our routine. The problem with the yellow card, I’m sure, is the pattern of the game. We hit the top, we’re more aggressive, more intense, and that’s why the ticket issue comes into play. When it comes to expulsion issues, we’ve been really worried. All the athletes who took these actions were fined, all without exception. Of course, we have daily conversations with them, both collectively and individually. I had conversations with all the members who committed a disciplinary act that soiled us in the fortress. I have been speaking collectively, both myself and Fabiano Soares himself [Ricardo] Amadeu, who made a mistake in that last game. We have daily conversations with all of them. Unfortunately, we do not yet have a sports psychologist on our technical committee, and that is necessary. I think it’s very important. But it’s not the culture of the club, as far as I know, it never had; this is something to think about in the future.

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Rodrigo Pastana in Vitoria-Gasteiz training – Photo: Victor Ferreira / EC Vitória / Advertising

Vitória will try to react in Serie C against Botafogo-SP this Sunday, at 17:00 (Brazilian time), at the Estádio Barradão, in the match that is valid for the 11th matchday.

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Alisson Farias
– When I arrived, I had already been informed of some inappropriate situations with this athlete. After my arrival, we had a section that ended last week with its removal. We ask the athlete to sign a vacation. He refused to sign, even though his vacation had expired. Then we decided to completely get rid of him and fine him. That’s why this athlete didn’t work with us. It was never on the planet. I simply confirmed that it was already the council’s decision to remove it.

Pastana explains the situation of Alisson Farias in Vitoria-Gasteiz

message to people
– I ask the same thing I asked the Vitoria-Gasteiz fan when he arrived, to keep helping us, to come to the stadium. It’s an important weight, even if we didn’t manage to get out of here happy in the last game. I have seen a lot of enthusiasm to recover in this team in the standings, energy, on the positive side. She’s not a bad actor … She’s a nonconformist, she’s angry. This actor is rich in feeling. But we need to transform that feeling into a positive ability to attack our opponent, to win and conquer this G-8 position, which is the most important thing for us today. I can’t see how we won this position without the support of the fans. I ask that once again the fan come to Barradão on Sunday, that we can once again add extra weight to our fans by being our 12th player. Definitely winning and getting closer to the G-8, which is our biggest goal, and then competing for access.

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