Rivaldo evaluates Brazil at World Cup and says Hulk and Vega would have more chances if they were in Europe

Countdown Qatar World Cup 2022 has begun. There are players like Kylian Mbappé believe that Europeans are favoritesIn Brazil, it is thought that the national team has a good chance of winning the title. At least that’s what Rivaldo, the world champion and number 10 in 2002, said, was last surpassed by the Brazilians. In an exclusive interview BOOT!the former player valued the possibility of ending his 20-year fast.

– I think he has everything, for the work that Tite is doing, for the team, for the team, for the players he has, he has everything to conquer. We know that the World Cup is not the America’s Cup, it’s not the Olympics, it’s not friendly, the World Cup is very difficult. So it will be a 20-year fast. But Brazil has it all, they have players in the teams that play in the Champions League, so they are favorites. Brazil is always a favorite at any World Cup, wherever they are. It’s the World Cup of course, it’s not easy, when the playoffs start there for 90 minutes, it’s hard. But Brazil needs to be ready.

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The fact that the Brazilian team is among the favorites does not mean that the list of possible players is unanimous. Jobs are running out and there is less and less news on Titer’s options. However, for Rivaldo, two names could become the coach’s choice in the Copa: Raphael Veiga, from Palmeiras, and Hulk, from Atlético-MG. The former midfielder has admitted that it is difficult to choose who would be cut to play for both, but says that if they were in Europe they would have a different visibility.

– Outsiders always say “I could be like this”, like Veiga, who is playing very well in Palmeiras, because he is a great club and I have a very special affection for him. As with all the big Brazilian clubs, he is calling one player or another, but if he is at Real Madrid, in Barcelona, ​​things are different now. They are the stuff of football. Like Hulk, at his age, playing a great tournament, he is playing very well, but he is in Brazil, in a big club like Atlético-MG. If he is in Europe and is the best scorer, he scores in the Champions League, the coach certainly pays more attention to that player, who is playing in a tournament where most of the players on European teams are, that player. is more prepared, he said.

– Sometimes the coach looks more at that side than the Brazilian players. But Hulk and Veiga could be on the team. Of course, we don’t know who could have taken it, it’s hard to say. Who took these two? But I don’t think it’s closed yet. The coach has more or less his team, but there is still a lot that can happen, we have five more months by then. Sometimes players get hurt, they don’t do well, and the coach always has to choose the best players at that moment to go to the World Cup. The Hulk and Veiga may still have a chance, he added.

Raphael Veiga and Hulk Requested in Selection (Lance Edition! Photos: Cesar Greco / Palmeiras; Pedro Souza / Atlétic) o-MG

Like Rivaldo in 2002, Neymar reaches the World Cup at the age of 30. The midfielder debated his second, and the Paris Saint-Germain player is heading for his third of his career. The current Brazilian has had his worst season in Europe, scoring 28 games, 13 goals and eight assists. Obstructed by injuries again, No. 10 was out of the team from November 2021 until mid-February 2022. However, Rivaldo believes that the Qatar World Cup could be a chance to shine.

– I think he’s already sharing a bit of responsibility, which is great for Neymar. But he is the man, he is the 10th, the man who will decide this World Cup in Brazil. When you highlight the players next to you, of course. When things don’t go well for him, there are other great players who have stood out a lot in the Champions League. Even then, they can shine. But today is the name. She is 30 years old, it is a very good moment. I was a champion in 2002 at the same age. Its time now because we don’t know what will happen in four years, so he has to do his best with his teammates to try to win this title for Brazil.

Rivaldo Cup 2002

Rivaldo won the national team in 2002 (Photo: Luca Bruno / AP Photo)


Which player do you think can share the responsibility with Neymar?

I think Vini Jr. is doing very well. You have to give this guy a chance to play, even if he wants to be 21 years old. He has already shown that he is a great player, that he has a personality … In short, he has a very good team, a very strong team, great players who will not be afraid of decisive matches in the World Cup. I believe that Brazil has a closed and united group. I think you can get to the finals and win, because then it gives you a lot of peace of mind and we can wait a few more years.

This World Cup is going to be very nice, and I hope Brazil wins, because it’s not easy to handle the pressure, it’s a lot of pressure, whoever plays knows the responsibility, you play an America’s Cup, the Olympics, the friendly, 5 wins. -0, complained that the team was weak, if he loses against a stronger team, it is because he is not ready yet. There will always be criticism for the players, for the coach. When you win the World Cup, the criticism is over. It happened to me and I think it will go with the Brazilian title again this year. The coach will be the best coach, Neymar the top, all the players will be great. All controversy ends with a world title.

Was the Brazilian fan uncomfortable with the Brazilian national team?

I think when you conquer everything is a lot easier, then you conquer and people start making comparisons, but it’s a different time, they’re different players. I see myself as a favorite for the World Cup in Brazil, with the players they have, who are playing well. We had a very difficult time in the standings to qualify (in 2002), no one trusted Brazil and today we are among the best teams, not in 1970 or 1982. Because we won that. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. It’s normal when you win.

Now, despite the team winning, in the playoffs, people are criticizing it because it’s the World Cup. I think that’s bad for Brazil, because what Brazil is worth is not the Olympics, they’re not the America’s Cup, nothing is as important as the World Cup. The Brazilian people are at a standstill when the national team plays in the World Cup. The coach is doing a great job, he has great players, but he has to win the World Cup when he wins. Everyone will speak very well and when you don’t win 2002, 1982, 1970, everyone, the fans, the press, will lose the 2002 World Cup, you forget when you win. It’s normal.

Rivaldo Cup 2002

Rivaldo was the team’s top scorer at the 2002 World Cup (Photo: Luca Bruno / AP Photo)

Do you agree with Titer’s lists?

It’s hard to give an opinion in the sense of criticizing what the coach is doing, but my opinion is not to remove a player from the national team and say it’s not worth it. I can say that those who deserve it, those who don’t, I think it’s unfair on my part because the player deserved to come to the national team because he was one of the 23 players chosen by the coach. But we know who deserved it. It’s hard for the one who leaves because he chooses a coach, a reliable player, and in the end, if he loses, it’s the coach’s responsibility. Anyone who is left out guesses, but if the coach takes a player and makes a mistake, we know the responsibility is his.

In 2019, you threw Paquetá when he wore a No. 10 jersey, saying he could protect the coach. At the time, Neymar also liked it. Do you hold that view? Can you talk more about what you thought at the time?

I never criticized the player himself, it was a way to replace the coach because he was playing with the 10th. He was used by many players, I love Paquetá as a player, but he was with him. I wanted to say at the time that the 10 has to be on the field, he has to play. It was a great responsibility for Paquetá. He’s well-prepared today, he can put up 10 if Neymar can’t play because he can do the job. He is playing very well, he deserves to be in the World Cup, he is a player I admire a lot, he is very easy to play, he will help the Brazilian team a lot in this World Cup. I think it will be within 23 players, so I never intended to criticize the player, it’s not because I played that profile. We have to be respectful of the players when we play, with the teammates who are playing today. It’s more time to protect the player because he’s a great athlete and could ruin him for the future. He’s ready today, if Neymar doesn’t want a 10, he can play with the 10 who does the trick.

Twitter was very lively with the discussion about you being bigger than Zico. Do you agree with this statement?

I’m glad to hear that shows that I did a good job for the Brazilian national team, I played two World Cups in 14 games, two finals, I lost one, I won the other, I scored eight goals in the Cup. . We hear a lot of this, I’m glad I’m the only champion with the 10th. Playing in a World Cup with the No. 10 jersey, so I’m glad to be on this team. There are only the big ones, the big players, but the most important thing is that I did my part very well in the Brazilian national team. I don’t care who was the best thing, the most important thing is that you did your job at that moment, at that moment. I don’t want to be better than anyone. What I had to do, I did for the Brazilian national team, I played everything there to win. I wanted to fulfill my dream of becoming a world champion, I did.

I was very careful to play with this number 10, a lot of people say it has no weight, but yes. I remember when Zico came to my room in 1998 and told me I was going to play with 10. We say “okay,” but in the end it’s a responsibility and he came to tell me the news. After that, you have to pass on the field, because the 10th is the goal, in the sense of playing great games on the field, you have to help, because you are the 10th, the fans, the press directs you. . You need to score goals and help your teammates. And you know there were some great players back there, Zico, Raí, Silas, Pelé, Rivellino and others. It’s not easy. I scored eight goals, few of them played in the Copa 10 and eight goals. I had the privilege of participating and I think I did very well.

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